Viewpoint: How safe is our republic?

Viewpoint: How safe is our republic?

By Joe Baker

How safe is our republic?

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

Most Americans accept the version of “truth” put out daily by the major networks and metropolitan dailies. They are content to stare at basketball or football and prefer “news” that requires little or no thought.

We like to refer to this as a free country and talk a good bit about rights, but little about responsibility. As we doze through daily events, consider what has been happening to this country in the last several years.

Crime has been rising, youth and gang violence is on the increase; drug abuse is widespread; the penal system is ineffective; we put up with corruption in government; crippling taxes; loss of constitutional rights; more government controls; excessive federal regulations; erosion of moral values and religion; failure of public education; frequent involvement in foreign wars; and increasing illegal immigration.

Add to that a heavy burden of federal mandates on the states; growing bureaucracy; rising numbers of homeless; expanding welfare; a declining economy and a lack of trust in government.

The warnings are out in some quarters, and it isn’t just small or obscure publications either. Back in 1993, The San Francisco Chronicle published an article which said in part: “The United Nations now has multinational peacekeeping troops stationed in 14 countries around the world….The international soldiers are there to help bring tranquility and safety to places that can’t do so on their own. So perhaps there is one more place a U.N. multinational force is desperately needed: the United States. Sending soldiers from around the world onto the streets of our own country? We probably haven’t come to that point where we need such action, but we’re veering perilously close.”

Former President Bill Clinton told the Conference of U.S. Mayors he intended to put 100,000 federal police on the streets. He didn’t mean the FBI or the DEA, he was speaking of a federal police force.

The Federal Crime Bill, introduced in Clinton’s administration, provides: “Not later than six months after the date of enactment of this Act, the Attorney General, in concert with the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, shall report to Congress and the President on the efforts made, and the success of such efforts, to recruit and hire former Royal Hong Kong Police officers into federal law enforcement positions.”

Chinese Ghurkas, used by the British as Hong Kong police, have been training in this country for several years now. Officials and

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journalists in Montana have verified their presence.

Former President George Bush, Sr. signed an executive order permitting U.N. troops to be used in the United States to quell civil unrest. Ex-President Clinton put his signature to an executive order that allows our troops to serve under U.N. commanders.

At Fort Polk, La., American and foreign troops, including Russians, train together. A part of that training deals with door-to-door searches for weapons. Similar training was conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in Montana. FEMA considers itself above Congress and the president, even above the Constitution. It is organized and ready to take over the country if and when martial law is declared.

In Alabama and Mississippi, Russian and German trucks are parked in military compounds guarded by soldiers in black uniforms who wear ski masks.

Near Wasilla, Alaska, a motorist was pulled over by four civilian-type vehicles with flashing lights. He was approached by black-uniformed troopers carrying M-16 assault rifles. They had no badges or identifying shoulder patches. They searched the man’s vehicle. When he asked to see a search warrant, he was told they didn’t need one.

A similar event took place in northern California. When the driver asked the troopers for some identification, his car was seized.

U.S. courts already are under the jurisdiction of the U.N. Foreign troops are positioned in Mexico and in Canada. The Chinese have built a heavy-duty military airstrip in the Bahamas off our East Coast. Thanks to “Slick Willie” Clinton, they also have been given access to the only deep water port on our Pacific coast.

The Crime Bill of 1991 contained provisions for the federal government to build detention camps by the score across the nation. Supposedly, they would be used for illegal aliens, drug traffickers and political dissidents. The Nazis built such camps in the 1930s, and we saw how they were used.

Since World War II, we have been governed by executive order, not by the Constitution. These orders, among other things, authorize the federal government to: take over all transportation, highways and seaports; seize and control the media; seize all electric power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals; take over all food resources and farms; mobilize civilians into work brigades under federal control; seize all health, welfare and education functions; take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial flights; and names the Postmaster General to operate and maintain a national registry of all citizens.

That’s just a bit of it. We would be left with nothing, and Uncle Sugar’s politicos and bureaucrats would control it all.

The Chronicle, back in 1993, further said: “The very thought of these U.N. troops on American street corners is undoubtedly offensive to millions of Americans—the thought of soldiers from around the world, under the banner of the United Nations, taking over our streets. After all, U.N. soldiers traditionally are deployed only to nations that cannot take care of their own problems.”

The only thing keeping these “leaders” from taking us over is 90 million armed Americans.

Enjoy your ballgame. The clock is ticking.

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