Viewpoint: Is Gary Condit the real story?

Viewpoint: Is Gary Condit the real story?

By Joe Baker

Is Gary Condit

the real story?

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

Rep. Gary Condit is one of the most successful cover-up stories ever devised. Thanks to the national media, he has been the center of attention in the disappearance of Chandra Levy.

The highlight was the recent Connie Chung interview, which shed little or no light on the matter. Now the networks have nothing to say about Chandra Levy. The reason is the case of the vanishing intern is not about Gary Condit.

The FBI claims it doesn’t know what happened to Chandra.

Yet the man who took down Illinois Governor Otto Kerner, Jr. and who broke Chicago’s Greylord scandal, Sherman Skolnick, asserts the bureau’s counter-intelligence unit had been tapping her telephone for some time. Why? Because they suspected Chandra was an agent of the Israeli Mossad, their counterpart of our CIA, says Skolnick.

The young woman interned at the Federal Bureau of Prisons last winter and spring. During that time she met and became friendly with Condit. He was the congressman from her home town of Modesto, Calif.

Condit also was a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence. Could that be the real reason Miss Levy became involved with him? Was her purpose to infiltrate?

Condit had a good deal of classified information about Timothy McVeigh and his relationship with intelligence agencies, both foreign and domestic.

Condit originally was from Tulsa, Okla., just up the road from Oklahoma City.

Skolnick and several authors assert the judge at McVeigh’s trial in Denver, Richard Matsch, is the same judge who covered up the embezzlement of billions of dollars by Neil Bush in the Silverado Savings and Loan debacle. The good judge saved Neil from prison.

Several years ago, the judge’s daughter was murdered in Hawaii while George Bush, Sr. was in the White House. That fact had its effect during the McVeigh trial and during McVeigh’s appeal hearing.

Some sources claim Levy was friendly with Karl Rove, senior White House advisor. They also claim Levy had a boyfriend

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within the FBI.

Her internship ended April 23. As we know, on the evening of April 30 she turned in her membership in a Washington, D.C. health club, and that was the last time she was seen in public. On May 6, her parents reported Chandra Levy missing.

That was 10 days before the date set by Judge Matsch for McVeigh’s execution. On May 10, the story broke that the FBI had just happened to overlook 3,000 pages of information on the Oklahoma City bombing.

The only comment from the Levy family by now was coming through attorney Billy Martin. He’s the lawyer who represented Monica Lewinsky’s mother, Marcia Lewis. Coincidence?

It was November of 2000 that Chandra Levy graduated from a California university with a master’s degree in criminal justice and journalism. She promptly was awarded a position in a very sensitive agency that much more experienced individuals could not get.

Reportedly by December 2000, Levy had become very interested in the McVeigh case. Judge Matsch had reset the execution for May 16. There was much in the case files to incriminate George Bush, Sr., George W. and Bill Clinton.

The Iraqi link to the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building had been suppressed, as was the FBI’s surveillance video showing McVeigh in the company of Iraqi officers in the month before the bombing.

Some 2,000 Iraqi officers—some of them intelligence operatives—were quietly brought to this country by George Bush, Sr. They were settled, housed and financed in Oklahoma City. The elder Bush made all the arrangements which continued through the Clinton administration and into that of George W.

Skolnick says Chandra Levy was digging into the case files and related documents. She found plenty of details incriminating George Bush, Sr., Jeb and George W., plus others.

Skolnick also says she also was looking into the disappearance from the federal prison system of Carlos Lehder. Lehder was a co-founder of the Medellin drug cartel in Colombia.

In the late 1970s, Jeb Bush was head of the Venezuelan branch of the Texas Commerce Bank. The principal owner of the bank was his father, George Herbert Walker Bush. Allegedly, the bank was laundering drug profits from Carlos Lehder’s cartel.

The cartel was part of a CIA operation in the southern United States, through the airport at Mena, Ark.. Many published reports have linked the senior Bush, Jeb, George W., Ollie North and Bill Clinton to the Mena cocaine pipeline. Guns were flown from this country to Central America, and huge amounts of cocaine were flown back. Some of it came to Rockford.

According to Skolnick, it was a massive infusion of drug money from the cartel that corrupted the 2000 election and put George W in the White House by persuading (and paying) Democratic officials in Florida to halt the ballot recount.

Remember, the FBI suspected Chandra Levy was being used by foreign intelligence agencies to blackmail the Bush White House.

So what happened to her? Did she know too much about the McVeigh case, or did she get too close to the facts about George Bush, his sons and William Clinton? Others, in the past, who stumbled onto the Mena import-export business, turned up very dead.

There is much more to this story, but we probably will never learn it all in our lifetimes. Maybe the finger does not point at Gary Condit after all. If these assertions have merit, why doesn’t Condit defend himself accordingly?

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