Viewpoint: It will take more than exit polls to fix voter news

Viewpoint: It will take more than exit polls to fix voter news

By Joe Baker

It will take more than exit polls to fix voter news

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

Reform is on the lips of Voter News Service bosses these days after the embarrassing debacle of election 2000. We are told that exit polling will be overhauled; that the results will be more accurate.

The first reform of exit polls should be to actually do some. In 1964, at 7:01 p.m. on election night, CBS announced the winner of the presidential race and his percentage of the vote. VNS claims they sample 30 to 40 precincts in each state and interview up to 4,000 people in each state.

Each pollster in the 1992 primaries on Super Tuesday would have needed to tally 100 questionnaires apiece. Each questionnaire contained 75 questions. That’s 7,500 numbers. If each precinct did not have 100 forms, but some had more or less than that number, then there would have been cases where the guy or gal with, say 150 forms, would have to tally up more than 11,000 numbers.

The math shows it would be impossible to gather and call in that much information in time to get it on the air by 7:01 p.m. According to VNS, it would be thousands of voters over seven states!

One interesting thing was that all the TV networks were reporting exactly the same numbers at 7:01 p.m. while claiming they were competing with each other. It wasn’t until several years later that they admitted they all got their numbers from Voter News Service at the same time.

Investigative reporters Jim and Ken Collier, authors of Votescam: the Stealing of America, found that all the people who filled out the VNS exit poll forms fit the same percentage mold. In other words, it wasn’t a case where one candidate’s backers filled out the forms in one precinct, while another candidate’s supporters refused. The Collier brothers asked: even if the precinct is representative of the national norm, who says the voters completing questionnaires have to be a perfect mixture of that balance?

Voter News Service, you may recall, is the ultra-secret media consortium that tabulates the presidential and vice-presidential races

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on election night. Even though it is owned by the major networks and several large metropolitan daily newspapers, the press is barred from observing how it arrives at its figures. Reporters and camera crews have been ejected from its headquarters on 34th Street in New York City.

Still, the networks control the elections because they control the vote count. As Joe Stalin is reported to have said: “He who votes decides nothing; he who counts decides everything.” With the secret operation of VNS it is easy to “elect” anyone the power bloc wants to win. The voters have no way to detect any manipulation because computerized voting machines leave no audit trail, just totals.

In 1989, Craig Donsanto was a Justice Department attorney in charge of prosecuting vote fraud. In an article for the L.A. TIMES that touched on that subject, he said: “All voting systems are capable of being corrupted. Most of them have been or will be…simply because voting is the way we determine who gets power in this great country.”

So, here we have a shadowy network-owned private organization, using what logic says would be phony exit polls, formulas and who knows what else, to control and produce the desired election outcomes. That there may be a link to the CIA is a distinct possibility.

Until the process is opened to public scrutiny, and the voters of each state are given the opportunity to participate in the tabulation, an honest vote count in this country will be merely a distant goal.

Ross Perot said it: “Exit polls…I’d make them criminal offenses.” He may not have been far wrong, but in his turn around the presidential track, Perot said nothing about either exit polls or election fraud.

The public slumbers on while those seeking control continue to advance their plan for a completely controlled voting system which will be untraceable, where vote fraud will be entirely undetectable. It has begun in Georgia, Florida and a handful of other states. So much for a democratic republic.

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