Viewpoint: Life will never be the same

If the U.S. attacks Iraq, remember the life we had; life will never be the same.

The majority of the world is against us for the first time. More than half of the American people opposed war in Iraq without U.N. agreement.

The Bush administration has discarded the principles of our nation and our traditional foreign policy.

Bush’s new imperial doctrine of pre-emptive strikes against any nation that presents a perceived threat is rule by fear, rather than principle.

If you think your neighbor may burn your garage down, does that give you the right to burn his down first? Of course not, such action would be criminal. If the new Bush imperial doctrine were the norm, chaos would rule. That is why we have the rule of law—locally, nationally and internationally.

Those days are now over, perhaps on all levels. We will be in a constant state of war for years to come—a war that cannot be won. Conventional forces can never defeat guerrilla forces. That is why we have diplomacy, to resolve grievances and minimize and end violence.

Bush is a diplomatic failure, and violence looms as our future. The rest of the world sees this as well. Where we used to be seen as the world’s policeman, now we will be seen as the world’s criminal. That is why Bush did not ask for the second U.N. Security Council vote. If the vote went against us, as it would, we would be a rogue nation if we attacked Iraq. In effect, we are a rogue nation.

Does the tyranny of Saddam Hussein allow us to become tyrannical by imposing our unilateral, minority view through our overwhelming might?

Might does not make right; in fact, misapplied might makes massively woeful wrong.

Bush’s juvenile impatience with the U.N. inspection process that was working and could have worked completely with complete world pressure over time will cost us dearly because of his excessive pride.

Just as Bush cannot not back down, a real imminent threat by Iraq was never proven. Now, all we will be left with is the tragedy of more than questionable evidence of the battlefield.

How many of our kids will return with unknown ailments, as they did from the last Gulf War? Because of impatience, massive amounts of toxic chemicals may be released into the atmosphere, possibly affecting the whole world, and certainly Iraqis. How many innocent Iraqis will be killed because we are going after the one man Bush’s father could have removed from power but did not?The sins of the father are passed to the son; and in this case, multiplied.

Furthermore, how many more Americans will die as the Arab extemists strike back? Even moderate Arab clerics are declaring a Jihad, a holy war. How many more people on this planet will die because Bush has set in stone that only nuclear weapons will deter the imposition of our will and standards on their nations? How many chemical attacks will result because rebels will find conventional means of conflict ineffective? And we thought suicide bombers were bad.

Our Congressman Don Manzullo says the U.N. is no longer relevant. Who will mediate international conflicts now? What would your political science professors at American University say to that viewpoint, Don?

Should we sacrifice our domestic agenda to go into endless debt to impose our will on other domestic people around the world? The groupthink and lack of courage of our politicians is shameful. Duty demands the questioning of jingoism and rhetorical smearing. ‘‘What governs men is fear of truth,’’ said Henri Frédéric Amiel, the Swiss poet, philosopher (1821-1881)

When our allies, like France, disagree with us, does that make them evil? Since when did only George Bush hear God? The concept of a just war is out the window. Look out, North Korea, Syria, Libya, China, even Russia, here we come. And maybe here comes World War III.

Modern history may become divided between “B.F.—Before Bush” and “A.B.—After Bush.” Pray, “God help us!” Pandora’s box is opening and the consequences will be on a mythic level of tragedy for the loss of human lives.

As Ambrose Bierce, the famous American cynic, said, ‘‘In Dr. Johnson’s famous dictionary, ‘patriotism’ is defined as the last resort of the scoundrel. With all due respect to an enlightened but inferior lexicographer, I beg to submit that it is the first.’’

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