Viewpoint: McVeigh: a dead end of questions

Viewpoint: McVeigh: a dead end of questions

By Joe Baker

McVeigh: a dead end of questions

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

Now the hype is over, and Timothy McVeigh is gone. A majority of the American public believes everything is over, that the perpetrator of the Murrah Federal Building bombing has been punished and the case is closed.

But many questions remain. The first and most obvious is: was McVeigh the only bomber? A hallmark of CIA-government cover-ups has been to dump the blame for an incident on a single individual to distract attention from the many others involved.

We saw it with Lee Harvey Oswald, with Sirhan Sirhan, with James Earl Ray and a number of others. Yet the public never seems to spot the pattern.

Before the start of his trial, McVeigh’s chief defense counsel, Stephen Jones, filed a petition in the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals at Denver. The 185-page document aimed at forcing trial judge Richard Matsch to order the CIA and other espionage agencies to disclose details of Iraqi involvement in the Murrah bombing. In the petition for mandamus against the judge, Jones referred to sealed portions of the court records and other evidence showing the CIA cover-up; and that the CIA and the other agencies had advance knowledge of the bombing and that others were involved.

It’s believed Judge Matsch was told certain matters in the McVeigh case were not to be revealed on grounds of “national security.” There apparently was intimidation and terrorizing of the judge, in that the judge’s daughter fell (or was pushed) to her death into a volcano in Hawaii. The judge denied McVeigh’s motion.

After the bombing, McVeigh filed another motion seeking to delay demolition of the remains of the federal building to allow an analysis of the rubble to attempt to find evidence of McVeigh’s innocence. Again, the motion was denied, and the government hurriedly demolished the shell of the building and buried the debris. It is fenced in, and everyone but certain officials is barred from entering the site.

Why was the government in such a hurry to bury the debris and block analysis if McVeigh was the only bomber?

Some of the other questions surrounding

this tragedy—

l In the case of Judge Matsch, was there

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fraud upon the court, that is, was malign influence and corruption brought to bear on the judge?

l What was the role of Andreas Strassmeier in this incident? Strassmeier is known to have links to German Counter Intelligence. It’s believed Strassmeier was a liaison between Iraqis and American dissidents. German big business has supplied Iraq with weapons in the past.

l Did former President George Herbert Walker Bush arrange to bring 4,000 Iraqi dissidents and defectors into the U.S. after Desert Storm? About 2,000 of these Iraqis live in or near Oklahoma City.

l Was the elder Bush a business partner of Saddam Hussein in the 1980s? Did an arrangement exist between George Bush, Senior and William Jefferson Rockefeller Clinton for housing, payment and work for the Iraqi defectors? Did the elder Bush know that some of the Iraqis were double agents?

l Why was U.S. District Judge Wayne Alley in Oklahoma City given a warning not to be at his office near the Murrah Building on April 19, 1995 because there might be a bombing? The judge admitted in an interview with The Oregonian newspaper that he had advance knowledge of the blast.

l Is there in possession of the FBI, a closed-circuit video showing an Iraqi military officer directing the placement of multiple explosive charges in the Murrah Building? What was the FBI’s knowledge of Strassmeier and his activities?

l Were federal judges on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver told not to compel Judge Matsch to force out records from the CIA and other agencies? Were these judges intimidated by the possible murder of Judge Matsch’s daughter?

l Did former President William Clinton have Alan Whitcher, a U.S. Secret Service agent, transferred to the Murrah Building just in time to get blown up? Whitcher had extensive knowledge of Clinton’s dealings with the Red Chinese.

l What did the CIA know about all of this? What knowledge did Saudi Counter-Intelligence hold as to the Iraqi connection? The Saudis are U.S. allies.

l How much and what did U.S. Intelligence know about the bombings?

l Finally, could the truck driven by Timothy McVeigh accomplish all the destruction that took place? Several explosives experts have said it could not. The building was supported by numerous steel pillars. It would take many charges to blast those supports, they said, not just one bomb. We’ve all seen on tv how specialists demolish and drop buildings without harming adjacent structures. It would be pretty much like that.

The likelihood is, now that McVeigh is dead, that no further effort to determine who else was involved will be made. The people who planted the charges will simply fade away, unpursued and unprosecuted.

Who is the enemy? A retalitory Iraqi government, or the U.S. government, or both? Was Tim McVeigh a good soldier or a MK-Ultra Program Manchurian Candidate? He’s dead. Will we ever know?

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