Viewpoint: Push for Internet voting invites fraud

Viewpoint: Push for Internet voting invites fraud

By Joe Baker

Push for

Internet voting

invites fraud

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

Now comes the aftermath, the roiling wake trailing behind the so-called “election” so recently concluded. Predictably, the chorus is growing louder, demanding the shenanigans of November 7 and afterward be probed and plumbed.

The Republicans in Congress are baying like a pack of hounds. As though they didn’t hire the fox. House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois says he’s assembling a task force to investigate what went on, not only in Flor-I-DUH, but nationwide. A top Republican claims this effort will “put people in jail.”

A couple of congressmen already have scheduled hearings on various aspects of the election and tabulation procedure. They are supposed to get under way in January. Hastert wanted Rep. Henry Hyde, another Illinois Republican and chair of the House Judiciary Committee, to head up the task force, but Henry is too busy advancing his career to participate. Besides, his ties to the intelligence community would make things awkward.

All of this serves to distract attention from the rapidly accelerating push to put scanner-based voting machine systems into operation in every state. It began at an international “direct democracy” meeting in Europe last June 21. The decision was made to see how quickly Internet voting could be established in every country on the globe.

First, however, the intermediate step of installing the “improved” scanner-based voting machines across the country was initiated. To that end, we had Gov. Jeb Bush and several of his officials down in Flor-I-DUH announce they are ready to spend big, big bucks to fix the voting irregularities by putting in a technically advanced voting system.

Even before that, the network pundits were calling for an overhaul of the system and a switch to scanner voting machines. The powers that really run the country have

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decided to launch this push full force in January and drive on to Internet voting within a relatively short time thereafter.

Internet voting has drawn the ire of Bill Kimberling of the Federal Election Commission. He calls it “a breeding ground for vote fraud” and said he didn’t want to vote that way, and he doesn’t believe anyone else does, either.

Should an Internet system be put in place, there would be no such thing as a verifiable election. No way to trace what took place and how the totals were arrived at. You would hit a key to cast your vote, and that would be the last you would know what happened to it. It could be awarded to your candidate’s opponent, and you would never know.

The scanner-equipped machines are little better. They contain two-way modems or a

computer chip that can be easily accessed by satellite or cell phone. Anyone with the access code could do it. Can we be so positive that some politician could not bribe a vendor representative and get the code and then use it to win his own race?

Adam Osborne, who built the first PC, said there are three areas where computers should not be used. One of them is tabulating votes. There was plenty of fraud on both sides of the political fence this time, enough to wake up a good number of people who had been asleep.

The computerized voting scam described above had been all set to roll for the Republican candidate, and it did, but the left wing of the Democratic Party pulled some of their tricks to try and wrest the election away from the Bush camp.

“In Madison, Wisconsin, we had homeless shelters with 20 beds where 200 people voted,” said one high-level Republican who declined to be identified. “In Wisconsin , you can just show up at the polls on election day and vote without being registered, by saying you have just moved into the precinct. In some predominantly Democratic precincts in Texas, we had 125 percent of the registered voters cast ballots,” he said.

On the other side, more than 60,000 ballots in Tennessee simply disappeared, causing Al Gore to fail to carry his own state. In Chicago, Baltimore, and Los Angeles, allegations surfaced of bands of roving voters who were transported from precinct to precinct in buses. They allegedly voted for registered voters who had moved away or who had never voted before.

Republican officials in Maryland are fairly certain people were being hauled from poll to poll and permitted to vote. How can that happen? “In practice, there’s no check whatsoever,” said Ellen Sauerbrey, GOP national committeewoman from that state. She said election judges will ask the voter for his address, name and date of birth, but it is illegal for them to ask for identification.

In California, it was more blatant than that. Because the Clinton administration got the immigration service to waive some of its rules, hundreds of illegal aliens were registered and allowed to vote. There was no citizenship check.

Remember the flap over those military absentee ballots? Retired Navy captain and lawyer Sam Wright believes 200,000 military personnel and their dependents are systematically disenfranchised. Wright said his estimate is based on a Department of Defense survey made after each presidential election. He said he thinks 200,000 may be an understatement. Other sources reported mailbags of ballots were left on Navy ships for several days before being forwarded. Gore representatives wanted many of the ballots disqualified, you’ll recall, because they had late postmarks.

The “motor voter” program, where individuals register to vote when they apply for a driver’s license, is another source of fraud. In Maryland, registration forms in Spanish are sent out with workers signing up new voters. Naturalized citizens, when they become

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citizens, are required to pass an English-language test. The Spanish forms suggest something less than legal and proper is going on.

Rep. Bob Stump, R-Ariz., twice has presented a bill in Congress seeking to repeal the motor voter act. Both times it was vetoed by President Clinton. Stump says he’ll try again in the next Congress.

In addition to some congressmen, there are citizen groups calling for a thorough examination of election methods and practices. In 49 states, the public and the media are barred from watching the vote counted. Everything is done in secrecy, and the actual count is done by private companies who answer to no one. Under Internet voting, we will never know what went on. We will have only the word of the elite as to who won.

Some observers, retired from the spy community, see the hand of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in all of this. Reportedly, the agency ordered major networks and other prominent news outlets to suppress any mention of possible CIA complicity.

The Associated Press had a story from Florida reporting an attorney there had charged there was a conspiracy to aid George W. Bush. Charles Kane, who retired from the CIA in 1975, said he was trying to help Republican voters. And a county election official admitted she allowed GOP agents to correct applications for absentee ballots.

Kane was quoted as saying: “We had filled out their forms. We did not see this as altering. All we saw this as, was correcting a problem caused by the Republican Party of Florida.”

The story got suppressed, or “spiked” in wire service parlance. There was no mention of it again.

Retired CIA agents, and those from other agencies, say the Charles Kane who testified in Florida is the same person they have known for many years and worked with in carrying out covert activities.

All major networks and wire services who are planning to run stories about the CIA must submit the copy to the agency and get prior approval before they can broadcast or publish. Even though the law has well established the illegality of “prior restraint,” the agency relies on its cover of “national security.”

So here we are, with our votes controlled by a half-dozen software companies, who are at the beck and call of a handful of wealthy and powerful men, who may be using intelligence agencies to carry out their plans. The former director of the CIA, remember, is George Herbert Walker Bush.

If we don’t act together to demand that our national representatives take action to restore an honest and open election system, we may end up with one like that reportedly described by Joseph Stalin. He said: “The people don’t need to know the results of the election. For them, it is enough to know there WAS an election.”

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