Viewpoint: Show me the missiles!

Here it is folks, right on schedule, the link between al-Qaeda and Iraq. Several of us have been waiting for it. We knew it was coming.

The boys must have stayed up all night hatching this one. They were getting desperate for some way to justify an attack. When the Cuban missile crisis erupted, President Kennedy showed us the pictures from the U-2 planes of missiles on the ground, the launching pads being built, and even Russian ships headed for Cuba with tell-tale cylinders lashed to their decks.

What have we gotten from the Bush bunch? There’s been the usual bully boy

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rhetoric from Rummy, some wild statements from Condoleeza Rice, outright lies from Vice-President Cheney, and confused commentary from the president. Where’s the hard evidence?

Show me the missiles!

Instead, the propaganda outlets, like CNN and Fox among others, offer a relentless flow of “experts” citing all sorts of unsubstantiated reasons why we need to attack Iraq and overthrow Saddam.

I have to echo the same question that others have been asking. That is, if the so-called enemy is Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terror group in Afghanistan, why are we talking of invading Iraq?

If a majority of the Sept. 11 hijackers were Saudis, why are we going after Iraq? No one in the administration is addressing those points. The celebrated dossier on Iraq, which was touted as the smoking gun, does not even mention an al-Qaeda connection.

As Simon Tisdall wrote in London’s The Guardian: “…the Palestinian groups supported by Iraq are quite different from al-Qaeda. While Iraq has supported the former, that is no proof that it is promoting or assisting al-Qaeda-type Islamist and fundamentalist groups or movements. Rather, like neighboring Syria, Iraq’s ruling Ba’athist Party has a record of brutally suppressing such potential challenges to its monopoly on power.”

Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector who has visited Iraq since the first Gulf War, says Saddam’s country is 90 to 95 percent disarmed and that it has no means of delivering any weapons of mass destruction to this country. He said if Saddam still has any of the Gulf War biological weapons in his possession, they are “worthless goo” because they can’t be successfully kept that long.

Show me the missiles!

Despite this, and the opposition of most of the world and a growing number of U.S. citizens, the Bush administration seems hell-bent on invading Iraq. It has brought about a split in the globalist cadre.

This is making some of the elites and New World Order proponents very nervous. One of them is Madeleine Albright, former secretary of state in the Clinton administration.

Albright recently told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: “It is not an American trait to want war. And it is not a sign of sound leadership to understate the risks of war or to offer constantly shifting rationales—as this administration has—for undertaking such a venture.”

Another nervous NWO emissary is Henry Kissinger. He told Congress: “It cannot be either the American national interest or the world’s interest to develop principles that grant every nation an unfettered right of pre-emption against its own definition of threats to its security.”

Secretary of State Colin Powell has sought to pour oil on the troubled waters ( no pun intended) by asserting that the administration is unlikely to use force unless Iraq refuses to rid itself of its alleged weapons of mass destruction.

Powell knows full well that at the core of US policy on the Mideast is the objective of seizing Iraqi oil fields and wresting control of the region away from China, which has been the dominant strategic force on the Arab side of the equation for some time.

That, in the administration view, would give them a platform to carry out the New World Order plan to dominate and control the globe. This is part of the reason Bush wants congressional approval for the use of force whenever and wherever he pleases.

This is linked to comments about including Syria, Iran and possibly even Saudi Arabia, on the list of countries targeted for regime changes down the road in order to take back control of the Mideast.

Such thinking evolved when China made it clear to Bush that it will not be a part of any one-world government scheme. Some observers both inside and outside of government think China may prevail on Saddam Hussein to step down and will then install its own surrogate in power.

If that appears likely, Bush would be in a rush to get his man in place before Beijing could act. Many in this country and the administration hold the opinion that an invasion of Iraq would be a walk in the park and we would win in nothing flat.

We have said it before and we reiterate, this time will not be like the last time. All our highly-touted, super-sophisticated, hi-tech weaponry will be of little avail in the maze of twisted streets and alleyways of Baghdad. Saddam has prepared some surprises for us in that regard. The bottom line is: Do you really want your sons and daughters to die for the oil cartel? Iraq is preparing for urban warfare.

If you believe such an invasion and war will end much of the terrorism in the Mideast and protect us here, take a hard look at the recent experience of Israel. It is the most heavily armed state in that region and has the most modern weapons, yet a few individuals armed with nothing more modern than dynamite, have wreaked terror and havoc on that nation despite all its repressive efforts.

One of the major purposes of all this hysteria over Iraq is to divert our atttention from the very real problems this administration has visited on this country; problems it is ignoring. We’re all well aware of the sad state of the economy, the loss of jobs, corporate corruption, environmental degradation and a host of other ills.

If Bush and company can keep us focused on Iraq instead of Enron, they can continue to ignore these problems and promote their agenda that assaults our civil rights and create a truly imperial presidency—George II—and fulfill his father’s wish for a “New World Order.” That’s a big reason why Dubya keeps screaming about Saddam and calling for a regime change.

From this viewpoint, the regime change is needed right here in the USA. Show me the missiles! Anybody can see that after Saudi Arabia, Iraq has the largest oil deposits in the world.

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