Viewpoint: Throw out the Constitution

President Bush, speaking in Louisiana, said the Office of Homeland Security is the most powerful government agency in the country. He added that now is not the time to worry about civil liberties because we have to win the War Against Everybody, I mean, Terrorism.

Bush called for absolute authority for this new agency and said absolute authority would mean absolute security.

Around the same time, Vice President Dick Cheney addressed the California Commonwealth Club, a Republican enclave. When some students heckled him, the police rushed in, pounded them, and hauled them away.

Cheney told the crowd the government intends to treat dissenters with growing severity, that the Bush administration will

no longer coddle those who disagree and will take a very tough stance with any who do so.

What a reassuring scenario! It certainly is compassionate capitalism in action and smacks of the good old days in the Nuremburg stadium. Seig heil!

New gear

Going along with this benevolent attitude toward the citizenry, a spokesman for the National Association of Chiefs of Police recently showed some new non-lethal weapons on television.

One is a high-energy stun gun, known as a taser. The older models used 50,000 volts of power while this new super model employs 250,000 volts. If it doesn’t kill you, at least you won’t know who you are for a couple of days.

Then there’s a weapon that fires a beanbag which explodes into a weighted net and drops over the targeted individual. It flies at 200 feet per second. They also have a stun gas for similar purposes.

Guess who has one of the companies making these goodies? Dear old Ollie North, Reagan’s super-patriot and drug smuggler. His company, Guardian Industries, is reportedly cleaning up because the heads of the nation’s police departments are being told to order these weapons. The directives to buy them are coming from the Office of Homeland Security.

Tom Ridge’s new agency is telling them that as the administration tightens the noose around our necks, there will be a point at which civil disobedience will happen, and they want to be ready to deal with it.

Another perk they plan to give us: after Bush finished talking down in Loosy-an-I-ay, it was announced the Office of Cyberspace Security would get the power to ban commercials which express any civil libertarian or anti-government ideas. Dubya country is going to be a real fun place.

Liar, liar

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, supposedly George W. Bush’s staunch ally and good buddy, has called on the Bush administration to quit lying for domestic political consumption in the U.S.

Blair wants to know more about what Dubya and company are up to in Iraq. Nearly everybody outside this country recognizes our government is lying about a number of things. Only the American public—or much of it—anesthetized by CNN and other national media, have failed to figure it out. The rest of the world knows what Bush is doing. They aren’t fooled.

Or is Mr. Blair fooling us? The Asian Times reports that British troops are already deployed in Oman and are preparing for the invasion of Iraq.

One surprising thing is that Secretary of the Treasury O’Neill is still in the Bush clique. He is about the only one in the government telling the truth. The administration is getting antsy because more of its members in various agencies are beginning to leak the truth. He spoke about the economic collapse in Argentina and Uruguay.

It used to be that George W. got rid of such people promptly. Not so anymore. It appears the administration fears that to do so would raise too many questions.

Could it be that Bush and his boys know the party is over; that after 2004 he will be back barbecuing ribs on the ranch? Maybe that’s why he is pushing for an earlier effective date for tax cuts for the wealthy. George says he’s bringing those forward to “provide some economic stimulus.” He knows very well such tax cuts will furnish little, if any stimulus to the economy.

Add in the “stimulus” of the tremendous deficit created by new military and Homeland Security spending, the disappearing corporate pension and stock value, the declining dollar and the rampant anti-Americanism around the world. Every country opposes our dead-set agenda to invade Iraq. Break out the body bags, and put the Bill of Rights in one, too.

Bush’s “corporate heart” bleeds not for you; his “corporate heart” beats only with compassion for oil. Oil gurgles as the subtext to Bush’s blatant unilateral aggression, without a declaration of war from Congress. But that’s just fine because the oil interests own most of Congress, too. So throw away your copy of the Constitution; it doesn’t matter anymore.

Welcome to the Police State of Oil’s Brave New World.

Editor & Publisher Frank Schier contributed to this editorial.

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