Wallpaper shoppers visualize finished rooms

Wallpaper shoppers now have a new way to find the perfect pattern.

Shoppers can browse through thousands of beautiful patterns online at www.wallpaperguide.com and paste them onto their walls, commitment free. Home decorating has never been easier, thanks to Home Fashion Partners, publisher of The Wallpaper Guide, and new United Kingdom partners interactivstudios.

Since 1977, The Wallpaper Guide has simplified shopping by categorizing more than 90,000 wallcovering patterns for easy reference, and the guide’s Web site has been a household name for five years because it allows wallpaper shoppers to browse through thousands of available patterns. Constantly growing from its inception in 1997, the site receives 5 million hits a month. It was even mentioned on the Oprah Winfrey Show as a great resource for wallpaper. Now with room rendering technology, patterns can be tried on for size.

The Featured Collection Showroom is the place to see stripes, fauxs and florals on virtual walls. This feature can be used to match colors, find coordinating patterns and see full repeats. From there, users can choose to save the image, print a high-resolution copy and start again. Plus, the site offers product information and direct purchasing. The same process can be used for coordinating accessories, making the site a one-stop shopping endeavor.

Use this site for other valuable wallpaper information, too. Find out how-to hang wallpaper, and where to find local retailers, skilled installers, new products on the market and industry links.

The site benefits wallcovering retailers as well. Before an online purchase is complete, a customer must select a nearby retailer based on zip code. Even if the consumer never stepped foot in the store, it still receives a percentage of the sale. Retailers can draw attention to their store with a Web page through www.wallpaperguide.com. These pages can be marketed as the dealer’s own Web site as well.

“We are happy to offer solutions to one of the biggest dilemmas that our industry faces, which is the reluctance of the consumer to purchase wallcoverings without being able to envision the finished product,” said Mark E. Langman, president of Home Fashion Partners. “Now they will be able to see what a finished room will look like,” he added.

The company responsible for this amazing technology is excited about the future decorating possibilities. They feel their unique software and approach to new media solutions will hit the mark. They realize that the design-oriented site appeals as much to the professional designer as to the consumer, which enables them to visualize products in a real room environment.

Web users can start redecorating today. Simply click on www.wallpaperguide.com and visit the Featured Collections Showroom. Thanks to The Wallpaper Guide and interactivstudios, a new room is only a few clicks away.

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