WEB EXCLUSIVE: Black History poem

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Black History poem

By Flora Cousins

It’s Just Not Enough

One month is just not enough

Get the towels made of white flour sacks

Make a fire around the big black iron pot out back!

Set some logs and get the water hot!

It’s going to be a big strong boy, like it or not!

Tonight is going to be the night!

Go across the field and get the midwife

Oh! Paw! Hurry up! The pain is so bad

It won’t be long before our other child is born

Push! With all your might! Don’t cry out in fright

We don’t want to scare the other children, right?

My Son, My Son, now you are born

Just look at you, So big and strong

One day you will grow up to be,

the thought in somebody’s mind upon the pages of history.

Black man, Black woman, Yes you! Black man,

Black woman, who worked the soil and tilled the land,

So that we all know and understand

It was you, yes you! Black man, Black woman

Your blood, sweat and tears, helped build America all these years

Yet for you there can only be, one month a year for black history?

You’ve worked hard and labored long

The fight was fought, Oh yes we won!

But did we win, did we really win?

I’m asking you, other colors of men?

One month is just not enough, my friend!

As much blood was shed, lives lost, spirits broken

And men made to be other men’s tokens one month is just not enough!

American history is taught everyday

We are Americans and there is no way! You can deny us history everyday

One month is just not enough!

We’ve helped build America in every way, so

Black history should be celebrated and incorporated everyday

In our homes, in our churches, in our schools and in the work place. God is looking and until this is done!

There will be no complete history, for anyone!

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