Website offers cheaper drugs

Website offers cheaper drugs


Until recently, many senior citizens traveled to Canada to get their prescription drugs. Now that trip has been largely eliminated.

More and more seniors are getting their medicines through mail order. The federal government reports more than two million packages were imported last year.

Canada and Mexico are no longer prime sources for mail order prescription deliveries because both countries require prescriptions from resident doctors in order to get the medicines. That requires a trip to either country.

Now a Rochester, N.Y. firm, www.Drugs.MD, offers some of the lowest prices for prescription drugs available. Prices are posted on their website.

Seniors are required to buy a directory from the company in order to use their service. The company does not sell the actual medicines but provides information on which pharmacies in what countries are safe to deal with. Most drugs are substantially lower priced than through U.S. pharmacies.

The company has posted prices and information on more than 2,000 drugs on its website.

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