Week of June 12-28, 2002

Week of June 12-28, 2002


Who is the real terrorist?

Dear Editor:

Does Phil Pash really think PETA would object to people hugging cows? Perhaps if more people hugged cows, they’d realize these animals are sentient beings with physical and emotional needs, rather than inanimate objects waiting to be hauled off and hacked to pieces at the slaughterhouse.

Pash shouldn’t be so cavalier in labeling PETA or anyone else a terrorist nowadays. PETA hasn’t bombed anyone. If Pash has documentation proving otherwise, then he should provide it. Sure, PETA’s campaigns can be outrageous, but without them, many issues of animal abuse would go unreported. Do PETA’s billboards and tofu pies shed as much blood as bullets and butcher knives?

It’s the animal exploiters who have terrorized more people than PETA has. Didn’t a hunter kill a woman while she was hanging clothes in her backyard?

If Pash hates PETA because they “push their views on everyone else,” then I assume he also hates pro-hunting lobbyists and newspaper columnists trying to make people see things “his” way. If Pash wants to get into the terrorist labeling game, then let’s do a body count to see whether it’s the animal lovers or animal abusers who are responsible for more injuries and deaths.

Barbara Nozzi


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Remember the hungry

Dear Friends,

For many area children and their families, summer means no more free or reduced-fee lunches available from school. As many of these families struggle to provide breakfast and dinner, many children do without lunch.

As food donations decrease and demand increases, we ask for your help in providing funds to not only stock the Pantry shelves to meet the normal summer demand, but also to assist us in providing the funding to carry out our snack initiative with the Rockford Park District.

l A donation of $10 will serve a family of four for two entire days, provide lunch for two children for 12 days, or provide nutritious snacks for 75 children.

l A donation of $15 will serve a family of six for two entire days, provide lunch for four children for nine days, or provide nutritious snacks for 110 children.

l A donation of $25 will serve a family of eight for two entire days, provide lunch for six children for eight days, or provide nutritious snacks for 146 children.

Please consider a donation today. Together, we can all make a difference this summer.

Michele Garcia

Executive Director

The Rock River Valley Pantry

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Hysteria-prohibitionist laws rule

Dear Editor:

I believe most agree with your view; boomers have let the prohibitionist laws of the 1900s rule. Hystria-based laws, with no scienctific proof, ruled by rumors of mayhem and addiction have made cannabis a drug too powerful for a doctor to prescribe, too dangerous for them to control … 500,000 die a year from alcohol/tobacco/pills vs 0 from cannabis. Everyone knows this, but it is the only seed you can plant that greases machinery above and under ground. I won’t see it in my lifetime, I finally came to realize, but I teach my grandchildren not to believe everything they are drilled, and pray that when they reach adulthood, cannabis will be legal.

Suz Fox Montana

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