Weight loss surgery changes more than just your weight: How Bariatric Surgery Can Make You A New Person

Weight-loss surgery has become increasingly popular for obese people. Obesity is at an all-time high in America, and people are tired of being weighed down by their fat. “Everyone deserves the ability to live life to its fullest. My weight kept me from running, having energy, and being comfortable. My life has completely changed since my bariatric surgery,” said Janice Williamson. “My husband, Hobart, and I have written a book, Bariatric support … crossing over to a new you!” Williamson says that the Roux en Y gastric bypass has given her more freedom than she has ever known. She jokes, “I am smaller today than ever. I came out of my momma at a size 18.”

“I am a totally new person since my surgery,” she boasts. Williamson is no longer afraid of heights and is more self-assured than any time in her life. Williamson exclaims, “I knew that I had a book in me for years, but my fear of failure stopped me dead in my tracks. Now, with my newfound inner peace, and the love of my husband and family, I feel that I can accomplish anything.”

Hobart is amazed by her transformation. “We went to Chicago right after her surgery, and I talked her into riding the Ferris wheel on the Navy pier. Jan cried all the way up because of her fear of heights, and I could not console her. Since then, we have discovered that her fear of heights had disappeared. This summer, we went to Chicago again, but this time we went to the top of the Sears Tower. We were totally shocked when she went and stood on the rail with her head against the glass looking down on the city. I couldn’t believe my eyes—she was actually laughing.”

Since then, Williamson has crossed the Capillano Suspension bridge in Vancouver, the Royal Gorge suspension bridge in Colorado, and rode to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle, Wash. to test her diminished fear of heights and finally concluded that her fear is gone for good. She knows now that the surgery Dr. Rodriguez performed, the support of Paulette Whitfield, R.N., and the care of Scott and White Hospital has truly changed her life in such a blessed way.

Williamson can explain how she feels with one word, “FREEDOM!” She feels lighter inside as well as out. “Life is so good when you have peace in your heart and are not ruled by your fears,” she says. She is now a motivational speaker, counselor, and writer in San Antonio, Texas. To learn more about her journey and to receive a free brochure about tips for weight loss surgery, visit www.achievesuccesstoday.com.

From the Jan. 4-10, 2006, issue

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