What the war is really about

What the war is really about

By M. L. Simon

What the war is really about

The war between America and the Islamic Arabs is about oil. But it is not about permanent shortages and scarcity but gluts. So much oil that the price is going to permanently collapse.

If this is true ( and I have a Saudi who says it is so—see below), then the real problem for the Arabs is not oil but food. Why is this so? The despots of the Middle East have used their oil revenues in a giant welfare scheme designed to keep their populations quiet. It has worked well; as long as oil revenue outpaced population growth, everyone was happy.

As it turns out, all has not been well for quite some time. The U.S. of A. now gives Egypt the support that the Saudis used to give. The PLO is hurting for money. Due to rising population and relatively constant income, Saudi per capita income has fallen from $28,000 per year to $8,000 per year and is still dropping. This is why you hear the refrain over and over that America is stealing the food off the table of the Arab people. With no context given, this sounds like absolute nonsense. In context, it is just part of the fascist “big lie” technique.

What is actually happening is that the world economy is going through a very major transition. Trained brains are more valuable than any other commodity on earth. Where is the highest concentration of this brain power in the world? America. In addition, Europe, Russia, India and China are in the system. So most of the major powers in the world have joined into the world trade system. All of them have well-trained brains, political systems slowly tending towards more freedom, and a culture that supports trading if government butts out.

That leaves the Arab Islamics out of the picture due to a political culture that favors dictators and absolute monarchs. An educated population would be a population filled with dissent. Dictators have no way to deal with it except suppression. Brains don’t like suppression, so these dictatorships are out of the new economy. With oil prices falling (relative to the rest of the world economy), they are now having trouble feeding their people. Thus, their sovereignty is over. The new sovereign is the man with the food: the U.S. of A. The Islamic Arab States are about to become a protectorate of America because temporal power was more important to the rulers of these states than the welfare of their people. Sic semper tyranis.

Now let us see what a Saudi has to say about the value of oil: In July of 2000, Sheikh Yamani (Saudi Oil Minister 1962-86) said world oil prices would plummet in about five years, and later crash durably because of competition, chiefly from hydrogen fuel cells.

This was taken from a site about new technologies that are coming forth within a year or two to revolutionize the energy and transportation sectors of the economy: http://www.rmi.org/sitepages/pid414.php

Now you know why the Saudis are financing an anti Western war. Their economies are collapsing. This is a last-ditch effort to stave off the inevitable, and to provide a rationale for their people for their worsening economic situation.

America is in the best possible situation to take advantage of the coming changes in energy use because we are the Saudi Arabia of wind. With utility-scale wind turbines, we could be self-sufficient in electricity from wind alone. Utility-scale wind energy cost is now on a par with coal-fired plants, and the cost is dropping 6 percent a year. Now you know why the electric companies fought so hard to get their “stranded costs” out of the system. Utility-scale wind power makes current plants un-economic.

My advice to anyone who wants to do well in the coming economy? Learn everything you can about everything you can.

M. L. Simon is an industrial controls designer and independent political activist.

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