What’s happening In the wilds of Illinois in November

Coho and chinook salmon eggs hatch at Jake Wolf Memorial Fish Hatchery.

Lesser scaup migration occurs early in month.

Peak canvasback and mallard migrations occur.

White-tailed deer rut peaks mid-month.

Does enter first estrus period.

Peak period for deer-vehicle collisions.

Peak of crow migration.

Brood turkey flocks break up, young turkey gobblers form jake flocks.

Most doves en route to wintering areas along Gulf Coast.

New moon Nov. 12, full moon Nov. 26.

Nov. 1 first day to apply for choice-of-weapon deer hunting permits.

Nov. 2 Election Day (Vote Your Sport).

Nov. 5 raccoon and opossum hunting season opens in North Zone.

Nov. 5 raccoon, opossum, skunk, weasel, mink and muskrat trapping season opens in North Zone; beaver trapping season opens in North Zone.

Nov. 5 last day to apply for remaining countywide firearm/muzzleloader deer permits in random daily drawings.

Nov. 6 upland game (rabbit, pheasant, partridge and quail) hunt season opens statewide; second half of statewide dove hunt re-opens.

Nov. 10 south raccoon and opossum hunting opens.

Nov. 10 statewide red and gray fox hunting opens.

Nov. 12 last day to apply for late winter deer hunting permits.

Nov. 19-21 first firearm deer hunt.

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