What’s happening

In the wilds of Illinois in August

Statewide squirrel hunting season opens (Aug. 1-Jan. 20).

Firearm/muzzleloader deer permit applications accepted, second lottery, Aug. 1-13.

Youth deer hunting permits can be sought Aug. 2-13.

Migrant blue-winged teal begin arriving.

White-tailed bucks begin shedding antler velvet.

Rough blazing star begins blooming in hill and sand prairies.

Buckeyes and black walnuts begin to lose their leaves.

Shorebirds begin fall migration.

Most wood ducks are fledged.

Sora rails begin fall migration.

Fawns begin losing their spots.

Bachelor flocks of adult gobblers form.

Squirrels begin eating hickory nuts.

Cicadas are calling.

Aug. 23 last day to apply for fall shotgun turkey permits, second lottery.

Crow hunting season closes (July 1-Aug. 15).

Yellow perch fishing season reopens on Lake Michigan, Calumet and Chicago Rivers on Aug. 1.

Bullfrog season closes Aug. 31.

New moon Aug. 15, full moon Aug. 29.

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