When will this end?

Mr. Bush, and this nation, has gotten away with murder again. With confirmation of U.N. Resolution 1511, to assist in the economic development and political stability of Iraq, Mr. Bush and this nation have shifted the moral responsibility and burden of this tragic mistake, off his and our shoulders, and back to the international community, as was suggested by them from the get-go with this fiasco. By doing so, he and this nation, can absolve itself of the moral, political and economic tragedy it represents, and of the deaths of those Iraqis and U.S. men and women who perished as a result of its stupid avoidable necessity. War is the failure of government; peace, its success.

For we have come full circle to where all feel better where we are now than before with this endorsement, but not as good if we’d had the foresight to prevent it in the first place. This announcement by the U.N., and the Bush administration is nothing more than a pat on the back, lip-service and moral approximation to what he, and we as citizens, should have done by taking the moral high road of avoiding this conflict entirely. For none of this had to happen, America; NONE OF IT.

The maxim expressed “that the world is a better, safer place because Saddam is gone” (supposedly) is a false victory, if the motives used to do so were as spurious and meaningless as the man they sought to depose. For then we endorse the same moral failure he was, and is, in our actions toward him (and others), but now call it a victory for us and a defeat for him, putting our heads in the sand once more when it comes to the truth.

Wake up, America! The small military victory gained by disposing of this man, destroying Iraq’s cities, invading its territory and killing its citizens and our own, is based on principals opposed to the Moral Founding, Principle Inception and Spiritual Dream of this nation, and cannot compete with the large moral/political victory we would have gained by not waging war.

Hindsight offers little value to experience, to the common sense of Foresight, when we choose to ignore its benefit.

But what this does reveal is our inability to use foresight to avoid evil, by employing its lesser companion to somehow make a bad situation look better.

Our Founders and Maker look upon us with disbelief, for we have become the very evil they feared intellectual familiarity and material comfort would bring, and morally sought to avoid with the Principles of our Inception, all of which we now neglect and disregard. When will this immoral self-deception end?

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