Why I remember the girl who wasn’t sick…

You may be wondering if your health insurance is adequate. Even if you pay thousands of dollars a year, you may be at greater risk of disease than ever. Consider the following…

I was getting underfoot in some famous doctor’s office. He told me a story one day about a parent bringing a child in who was apparently healthy. He said ecstatically, “No symptoms, isn’t that great! Found a subluxation and corrected it! No symptoms! That’s how it should be!” I stared at him like I knew what he was talking about, hoping my confusion didn’t show on my face. Later, after working in Palmer College Clinic, I began to understand more about his point. What was his point, you ask? I’ll tell you, but first, let me tell you a story about a friend of mine.

She had a Volkswagen Rabbit. It was new when she got it, back in the late ’70s, but she never changed the oil. Five years later, with blue smoke coming out of the tail pipe, she got her fiancé to “fix” the car. If this were health care, the car would be in acute condition, probably in the hospital. There would be real changes in the engine.

Well, that’s symptoms. You know what your car dealer likes you to do? Bring it in every three months or 3,000 miles, before there are measurable “symptoms.” My mentor’s point was this parent wanted his child to be in top running shape all her life. He wasn’t going to wait for the child’s health to break down before he looked to see if things were running well. He was going to treat his daughter, doggone it, at least as good as he treated his car! So, what about her lack of symptoms?

When chiropractic began, its founder thought it was for curing deafness. In the last 108 years, clinical experience has shown that chiropractic doesn’t cure anything, but it depends on how you define the problem. I might think I have a vision problem, but if my chiropractor finds interference with my nervous system along the spine, and correcting it fixes my vision, then the problem was essentially a spinal “subluxation.” In chiropractic philosophy, this is the thing that causes “diseases” and “disabilities.” After Palmer’s initial case of mistaken identity (thinking he found the cure for deafness), he realized that the real bad guy was the subluxation. What’s a subluxation?

Picture this…you are a nerve signal who has just gotten up in the morning to go downstairs and have breakfast. You are walking through the dim light of early morning down the steps, when you stumble on a wooden train left there by your 6-year-old. A sudden loss of footing renders you flailing desperately in the air as you try to avoid a punishing meeting with the floor several steps below. A subluxated vertebra acts like that wooden train. It creates conditions favorable for an upset in the normal flow of signals between the brain and body. It causes awful conditions in your tissues that interfere with clear operations of the neighboring nerve. Can your body tissues behave well if they are swollen, inflamed, underfed and asphyxiated? No, and that means you can’t either if you have interference in the nerve system. The old doctor’s point was that cleaning up the interference before it became a problem (like picking up the toys before someone trips on them) was the best kind of health care to be in. It’s preventive care! So, if you have symptoms, or even if you don’t, get to your chiropractor and find out if you can work even better than you do now.

Dr. Philip Schalow is the director of 1st Step Chiropractic, S.C., Rockford’s first NUCCA chiropractic center, it’s the first step to take in wellness care.

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