Wild Ones offers native plants

Wild Ones offers native plants


Wild Ones Natural Landscapers is offering an opportunity to purchase plants that were here prior to European settlement. Native plants evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. Therefore, they are adapted to the soil, climate, sudden weather changes and other plants and animals of our area.

Native gardens do not require toxic chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. They help keep the environment (soil, water and air) clean and healthy. Using native plants in home landscaping saves water in two ways. Because they are suited to the dry summer and climate here, they don’t need to be watered during droughts. Also, they collect and percolate rain water back into the soil, thus helping recharge underground aquifers and keep dangerous runoff from causing floods and poisoning rivers. Native communities provide homes and food for animals such as birds, butterflies and insects which are important pollinators.

Wild Ones Natural Landscapers is a national nonprofit environmental organization. Its focus is on environmentally sound landscaping practices to sustain biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities. The local chapter offers numerous opportunities for learning in this area.

Information: call Fran Lowman at (815) 874-4895.

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