Wind Energy Symposium—100kw and Smaller

Wind Energy Symposium—100kw and Smaller


This symposium will familiarize rural homeowners, farmers and small business owners with the wind energy issues involved with installing a wind energy system. The goal is to provide basic information to help a site owner make an informed decision about wind installation at a particular site.

The program will run November 14th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Items to be discussed include: wind energy basics, assessing the wind potential of a site, optimizing a site, types of equipment available, economics, land use issues, interconnection, permitting, insurance, financing, maintenance and more. Time will be provided to discuss particular issues over lunch and breaks. A potential site tour may be available at the end of the day.

The symposium will be held at Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland, Wisconsin. Manitowoc County is one of the counties for which the Wisconsin Division of Energy is developing a detailed wind map. Samples of this wind map will be available at the symposium.

For more information or to register, contact Ron Fromm at 800-598-4376. The event is organized by the Focus on Energy program and is free to Wisconsin residents. The cost for registration from outside of Wisconsin is $50. Lunch is provided for symposium attendees.

Reprinted with permission from Wisconsin News. Our thanks to Dan Slattery for sharing the information.

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