Winnebago County jailhouse blues

Everyone needs to know what happened at the Winnebago County Jail on Wednesday night, Feb. 25 at suppertime…

This is totally inhumane treatment, and the people of Winnebago County need to know what goes on in this jail. Cell block F was put on lockdown for the following reason…

When the supper trays came in for these men, they contained…

3-4 bites of carrots

3-4 bites of potatoes

1 piece of bread

1 cookie

1 packet of Kool-Aid to make one cup

Five men went to pick up their tray of food and noticed the very small portion of food, asked for more, and the jailers told them that’s all they are getting, “Those five men refused their food.”

So, the jailers told the rest of the men who were waiting for their food, they can’t have their food either, and they can all go to their cells. Because… these men were starving and were willing to eat this small portion, they told the jailers they wanted the food they had the right to get. The jailers told them they are on lockdown with no food and started to mace these men to get them to their cells.

So being on lockdown, they can’t make any phone calls, buy any food with their commissary money and had to go 19-21 hours with NO FOOD. That tray of food, for one thing, is not enough calories to keep a person alive, but it’s better than nothing. Just think, the supper meal is normally the largest meal of the day. If the supper is this small, how small is the breakfast and lunch? The men who wanted the food were denied because the five men who refused it knew it wasn’t enough to feed a bird. They were trying to stick up for their rights, and our jailers decided they were going to make everyone starve, get locked down and sprayed with mace!! Is this what our extra 1 percent tax goes for?? Should we stand for this kind of inhumane treatment?? NO!! Guilty or innocent, these people deserve to be fed properly!

This is inhumane treatment, and it needs to be known by the people of this state. This is what your tax dollars go for. Do you honestly think anyone coming out of this jail after being treated like this will have any respect for the law or police officers? Much more than this happens every day in this jail, and I believe it’s time people start telling about it. I have many more incidents to tell, and more will follow.

This kind of treatment NEEDS to stop.

D. Kozlik is a Roscoe resident.

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