Wis. artist to dress up downtown mall

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Karen-Sam Norgard brings her ‘perishable’ display of sculptures to downtown Rockford, Kortman Gallery for ArtScene

Wisconsin artist Karen-Sam Norgard, who specializes in perishable 3-dimensional works will create two public sculptures on the downtown mall made almost entirely out of bread. The art pieces will take on the shape of women’s dresses. The dress sculptures coincide with Norgard’s Kortman Gallery exhibition of photographs titled, “Women are Everywhere.”

The bread sculpture will be built on site by the artist on Friday, Oct. 1 as part of the Rockford ArtScene gallery walk. “When I am finished building my bread dresses, they still won’t be complete,” says Norgard. “It is then that nature takes over and contributes to the sculptures. Natural elements such as birds, animals and atmospheric conditions will dramatically change the sculptures over the course of time.”

It will take over 300 loaves of bread and bagels to create the sculptures. Stale bread and bagels are being provided by the Rockford Bread and Bagel Co. on 7th Street, and Mary’s Market donated bread for the sculptures.

The photographs up in the Kortman Gallery are based on the same dress theme as the mall sculpture. The striking color photographs are images of perishable floral assemblages created by the artist in a natural setting.

“I have a love of pattern, floral design, and dress design,” Norgard says. “I became aware of Tibetan sand mandalas, and I started paying attention to my own interests in the fleeting of time, and the perishable nature of life.”

Most of the works are created during the summers on the beaches and in gardens in Nova Scotia. A few are created in Wisconsin in yards and gardens.

The Kortman Gallery is upstairs at J. R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 N. Main St., downtown Rockford. “Women are Everywhere” will be open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday-Saturday. There is no admission.

More info: call 968-0123 or visit www.jrkortman.com.

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