With many thanks, Happy New Year

With many thanks, Happy New Year

By Frank Schier

With many thanks,

Happy New Year

By Frank Schier

Editor & Publisher

When Christmas approached, and when I thought about the events of this past year, I realized that many wishes and presents had already been granted and placed under my personal and newspaper tree.

The best wish and present granted stands as the staff at The Rock River Times. Marilyn Lamar, Joe Baker, Susan Johnson, Lisa Palmeno, Jeanne Coe, and Jon Bystrom are all long-time members of our family at this paper.

Deb Bodmer, Molly Fleming, Matt Richardson and now Phil Pash are the most recent wonderful additions to our efforts.

Thank you so much to our writers—Mike Leifheit, Stanley Campbell, M.L. Simon, Judy Howard, Edith McCauley, Tom Leu, Scott Richert, Dan Hayes, Jim Morrison, Barb Dent, Rod Myers, Rebecca Johnson, Denise Guzzardo, Karen Morris, Kimberly Castaneda, Richard Heller, Mike Lotz, Dan Slattery, Jeff Havens, Jim Spelman, Dr. Robert Kopp, Georgia Pampel and Shawn Robinson.

We also have many trusty, dependable and independent circulation contractors—Maureen Johnson, Bob Swanson, Jon Allen, Denis Bloomingdale, Matt Kelley, Carl Amacher, Carrie Johnson, Jeff Lackscheide, Chad Meyers, Ania Serafin, Nathan Sjogren, David and Chelle Ploshehanski, and H.D. and Marlene Estes. Ken and Cheryl Bard and Dominic Corirossi really deliver whenever we ask them.

Shellie Berg, Rimsey Larkin, Lee Mendeloff Sarah Bonacquisti, Christa Koehler, Jeanette Vanderbosch, Tom Balhatchet, Mindy Ambrose, Sande Paape, Ed Henry, and Michael Johnson have left us this year for higher education or other endeavors. Their fine work is also appreciated by all of us.

Our printer, Castle PrintTech of DeKalb, also delivers excellent work each week, and we thank Jason Schriver, Bryan Fairbanks, Bruce Johnson, Ben Ebert, and the owners Gary Rice and John Gavelda. We recommend them to everyone.

Throughout this year, all these people have made up the best team we have ever had, and I cannot thank any of them enough. I thank them again for their hard work, professionalism, character, courage and friendship. These great folks provide a quality performance every week. I am truly blessed.

What more can a publisher ask for in his life and business than people like these , and I wish the same for you. I find the best presents are these good people, and I am honored by the way everyone is open to me and this paper’s work every day of the year.

Again, Happy New Year—to you, our advertisers, commercial outlets and readers. All of you make up the joy and the reason for all our seasons.

From all of the folks who make up the family of The Rock River Times, thank you.

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