WMDs turn up in Iraq—oops!

WMDs turn up in Iraq—oops!

By Joe Baker, Senior Editor

At last! Those elusive weapons of mass destruction have turned up where they’re supposed to be—in Iraq.

Newsweek reported the find in a short piece in its June 9th edition, but it was the little Grundy County Herald, down in Tennessee, that really spelled out the whole story.

Paroxysms of joy would be expected on the part of the neoconservatives in Washington and around the country, but most knew nothing of the discovery.

The WMDs actually turned up early this month, but the administration was a little shamefaced to admit that a huge number of offensive missiles were found.

Bush and his colleagues have been busy trying to sell the idea that two mangy trailers found in northern Iraq were really mobile labs for making biological weapons.

Nobody much was buying that story, and even top scientists were siding with the Iraqis who said the trailers were used to make hydrogen for artillery balloons. British investigators verified that was the case.

But what about all those missiles? These were not some rinky-dink, cardboard cutout kids’ weapons, these were the real thing, capable of taking out a large number of civilians and military and flattening some towns and cities.

They helped Saddam withstand international pressures and made it far less effective in rapping his government for killing its own people.

But where did he get all these WMDs? That’s weapons of mass destruction, you know.

Bushites have been ragging on Germany and France for not supporting our war on Iraq and even said the two would be found to be the suppliers of Saddam’s nasty weapons.

Yet Saddam did not get his missiles from either country. Neither did they come from Russia or China. No, they were sold to him by the good old U.S.A. Shhh!

Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz would rather that not be noised around. But the fact is these weapons were sold to Iraq during the Reagan-Bush administration. Saddam was supposedly on our side back then.

It brings to mind that gag about somebody asking President Bush, “How do you know Saddam has weapons of mass destruction,?” Bush replies: “We kept the receipts.”

We all know that Papa Bush, Ollie North, Richard Secord and others illegally supplied missiles to Iran during the Iran-Contra affair.

As the Tennessee paper put it: “It now looks like this was not the only WMD export to rogue nations under Reagan and the senior Bush. We need public hearings into their actions during that time.”

Will any of the current crop of congressmen have the backbone to demand such a probe? It’s not a coincidence that the current Bush administration months and months ago issued an executive order sealing the official papers of the Reagan-Bush administration from public scrutiny.

What are they hiding? Will we make the same mistakes again under this Bush-Cheney regime?

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