Woman shares story of losing weight, overcoming diabetes

Do you think it’s possible to lose 150 pounds and beat diabetes? Darlene West shocked her doctors by losing weight, lowering her blood sugar and eventually becoming diabetes-free, without any sort of commercial diet plan.

How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life is West’s self-published book, sharing her personal account of losing 150 pounds and conquering diabetes. She wants to tell the world her story, and she hopes to inspire others to lose weight as well.

West tells her story of being diagnosed with Type II diabetes and fighting back from weighing more than 300 pounds at a height of 5 feet 3 inches. She has been battling her weight since childhood.

When she was diagnosed with insulin-resistant, or Type II, diabetes brought on by her weight and lack of exercise, West assumed her life was over. The emotional damage and sense of powerlessness wounded her self-esteem and crippled her self-confidence. She became convinced, as with so many others like her, that she simply lacked the willpower to succeed with a weight loss program.

West found the inspiration to learn about diabetes, review old habits that had failed her, and develop a five-part health program—without gimmicks—that includes exercise and a nutritional diet. Now in her late 40s, West is living the life she always wanted—at the size she had been nearly 30 years earlier.

Learn more about West’s motivating and inspiring story, loaded with suggestions about how anyone can turn his or her life around to live healthy and successfully.

For more info, or to order the book, visit www.theorderline.net.

From the Dec. 14-20, 2005, issue

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