Woman’s home ordered sold

Judge Ron Pirrello of the Winnebago County Circuit Court Sept. 27 signed an order to seize Geraldine Kilgore’s house and sell it at a sheriff’s sale.

Kilgore was sued by Robert Boase in small claims court to collect what he claims was a loan of $3,199, which went to pay real estate taxes on Kilgore’s property. Kilgore did not defend herself in the original action and had no legal advice.

The lawsuit subsequently moved from small claims court to circuit court and Kilgore was told she must pay $3,400 to retain her home.

Boase now contends he has no intention of taking Kilgore’s house, but the action went forward anyway. Geraldine Kilgore is the 66-year-old Rockford woman who has nowhere to go. She said Boase was persuaded to file suit by her daughter.

Kilgore filed a motion Tuesday seeking an injunction to block the sale of her home. A hearing is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 4.

She said her daughter was living with her around the time of the first lawsuit. She and her boyfriend went to an attorney and helped Boase bring suit against Kilgore.

In February 2001, Kilgore suffered a fall in the parking lot of a discount store and sustained injuries. She brought a personal injury lawsuit against the store’s chain ownership, only to learn later that her attorney had sued the wrong store.

An agreement was reached between the two law firms about satisfying the lien on Kilgore’s property. She said she had expected to have the money to pay it off when she got compensation for her injuries from the discount chain.

Kilgore said to date she has seen no payment. She also has been attempting to get her share of pension monies earned by her husband, Billy Joe Kilgore, who worked many years at Rockford Products Corp. She has been denied any of that money as well.

Kilgore said she never was notified of the circuit court action and also had no notification of several court hearings in the case.

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