Writing and film grant

Hollywood—Rockford residents have received an invitation from one of the World’s most prestigious and widely publicized grants. The grants are given to filmmakers with the intent of making films that are ”unique and make a contribution to society.”

The Roy W. Dean grants’ beginning was more than 25 years ago when Mr. Dean privately began making generous contributions to struggling filmmakers in need of funds to finish their films. Now, known by filmmakers worldwide, the grant has had hundreds of competitors vying for the prestigious top spot on the podium of crowning glory and the prestige that accompanies being a past Roy W. Dean film grant recipient. “This always stays with you throughout your career as a filmmaker,” says Jocelyn Glatzer, one of the grant’s latest winners of more than $50,000 in goods and services. “It’s like winning the Oscar of film grant awards,” agrees her partner, Christine Courtney.

Carole Dean, the president of the Roy W. Dean grants, offers: “My father always wanted to help people ‘realize their creative potential.” We want to encourage all of the residents of Rockford to send their proposals in for the grants that we offer. We are looking for good writers that have a story to tell regardless of whether or not they are in Hollywood. Many of the greatest writers and filmmakers of the future may be among the residents of Rockford right now. We are here to help you get started.”

The Roy W. Dean’s newest grant is the Writer/Researcher Grant with the deadline for proposals being on Sept. 30, 2003.

For information on other upcoming grants or to find out when Carole Dean will be in your area, see www.fromtheheartproductions.com for full details or contact Tory Jay Berger with Spiritual PR tory@spiritualpr.com

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