Xlibris releases Magical Marty’s Deep Dive

Children’s book explores aquatic kingdom under the ocean

MANHATTAN, Ill.—Life under the sea is amazing, and there is always something to discover. A special treat for children is coming as Xlibris, a leading print-on-demand online book self-publishing company, proudly announces the release of Magical Marty’s Deep Dive, the newest picture book story of the Magical Marty Reading Adventure Series created by G. M. Kopec.

Magical Marty’s Deep Dive continues the adventures of Magical Marty, this time taking place under the ocean where an aquatic kingdom exists. Riding together in a submarine, Magical Marty and his friend Jimmy dive into the ocean and encounter magnificent marine life like manta rays, whale sharks, yellow striped fish and many others. Through Magical Marty Reading Adventures, young readers will discover educational facts about these creatures while experiencing an unforgettable story time.

Like its predecessor, this picture book’s story emphasizes important life experiences like friendship, imagination and exploration. The aquatic theme of the story was inspired largely by the author’s visits to various aquariums around the nation. Treat your children to a memorable adventure by ordering a copy of G. M. Kopec’s Magical Marty’s Deep Dive online at Xlibris.com, Amazon.com, BN.com, Target.com, or at your local bookstore today.

Visit MagicalMarty.com for information on the up-and-coming Magical Marty Reading Adventures, Magical Marty Events, and check out the Poetry Page.

.from the Oct. 24-30, 2007, issue

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