Young@Art show offers variety of media

Young@Art show offers variety of media

By Sarah Cosgrove

By Sarah Cosgrove

Staff Writer

Last weekend, 45 area artists displayed their works of art at the Morrissey Law Building in the River District. Young@Art, sponsored by The Artery, had its third annual presentation, Friday, March 2 from 7 to 10 p.m. Young@Art’s previous two presentations have been located at the Saturn Auto Dealership. Media included framing; graphic arts; stained glass; clay; metal sculptures; photography; jewelry; and pottery.

“This is a wonderful time for artists to interact and meet other artists,” said the vice-president and artist liaison of Young@Art, Lynn Rode. “It is good for their personal growth and gives them an opportunity to share. Rockford doesn’t realize the talent pool of its visual and performing artists,” she added.

The event was a gathering of all stages of life. Artists’ ages ranged from 19 to 77. “The mission of Young@Art is to promote young artists and artists young at art,” said Rode. In previous shows, there have even been artists as young as high school age, noted Rode.

Ryan Rudie, 27, was seated directly in the midst of the eclectic crowd as he demonstrated his talent. Rudie discovered his genius three and a half years ago during his last semester at the University of Colorado. While finishing up his degree in psychology, he took a pottery course that would, in turn, change his life. “This is my passion, and I want to show others what I have been given,” says Rudie. Rudie deals with galleries all around the country and has his own shop in Belvidere.

Russ Blanhik, 36, after spending four years in the United States Navy performing ship repair, has taken his skills and applied them in

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an artistic way. Blanhik now welds and paints metal structures. His goal is to have his art in major motion pictures. Some of his work has already been sold to Warner Brothers, Ben Stein and Rebecca DeMornay. Blanhik will soon have a studio in Hollywood, Calif. and has traveled the U.S. and Europe.

Yet another young artist, J.J. Swanson, 22, commented as he painted that he loves seeing the reactions from people viewing his work. “It feels good when people see different things in my work than I do,” he added. He also mentioned that seeing the other artists’ work influences his own by inspiring his creativity.

Stefan Agustsson, 29, was showing his Giclee photography, which is traditional photography printed digitally. His photographs were of his 1999 trip to Iceland, his family’s homeland. Agustsson attended the Savannah, Ga. School for Photography and has been producing his work for 12 years.

Young@Art wants to encourage Rockford residents to come out and support the artists as they isplay their talents in various media. Creativity thrives in Rockford!

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