Show respect for animals by life choices

This July 26, noted playwright and humanitarian George Bernard Shaw’s birthday, please make an extra effort to extend kindness and compassion to all animals. Not everyone realizes it, but Shaw was a devoted vegetarian who frequently wrote about the ethics of eating of animals. He opposed animal experimentation and cruel sports like hunting and fishing.

You don’t have to be a famous writer to help stop animal suffering. You can show respect and empathy for animals simply by substituting great-tasting mock meats in place of animal flesh in your favorite recipes, choosing cruelty-free products instead of animal-tested ones, contributing to health charities that don’t fund animal experiments, or just enjoying the outdoors without harming other living beings. For more ideas, see PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk’s inspirational new book, The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights: Simple Acts of Kindness to Help Animals in Trouble. It’s available in bookstores or from

Heather Moore

Research Specialist

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Norfolk, Va.

from the July 22-28, 2009, issue

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