Sound Therapy: Sound therapy: ‘Pathway to well-being and wealth’

Many activities can lead to wellness and improved health. However, one of the oldest and surest methods gaining a lot of attention these days is sound therapy. The reason for its increasing popularity: it is a simple, primal and effective method to attuning our whole being back to health without negative side effects.

The precursor of this pathway was Pythagoras (580 to 500 B.C.E.), the Greek philosopher and mathematician, who is considered the godfather of mathematics and… sound therapy.

Pythagoras used music as a healing tool, and called it “musical medicine.” He created different melodies to heal various maladies. To understand how he could cure a disease with a tune, let’s take a closer look at sound therapy.

Sound therapy is a powerful, effective treatment that uses evocative sounds produced by the Ancient Himalayan Singing Bowls and a gong to drastically reduce and eliminate stress, emotional or physical pain, and bring back the original frequency of health on the cellular level. It works like an internal and external massage of every cell.

When we hear the sounds from the instruments and attune ourselves to them, our brain-wave patterns shift instantaneously. We move from the engaged beta state into alpha, theta and even delta—the states of deep relaxation, exceptional insight, dreamless sleep and regeneration of the whole body. Everything that exists consists of energy. The entire universe is in continuous motion. Treating our physical body like a smaller universe and observing it, we can see every organ, blood circulation, breathing, beating of our heart, and any other process that occurs in it, has its individual, unique rhythm that functions separately, yet contributes to the whole.

If a person experiences stress, fear, anger or anxiety over an extended period of time, these feelings, with their own specific rhythms, burden the system on many different levels, and change the healthy frequencies of a particular part in the body or organ that is the most sensitive to the “tune” they carry. As the result, the disharmony that occurs in the part of the body or organ ultimately manifests on the physical level as a disease or pain.

The Himalayan Singing Bowls and a gong used during sound therapy produce the sounds that change the discord, wherever it is, and tunes up the frequencies to the original frequencies of health and well-being.

The instantaneous result of a sound therapy session is a deep state of relaxation, rejuvenation and general “feeling of lightness.” After a one-hour session, participants feel as if they rested for several hours. Some of them report they have come with, for example, a back pain, and it is gone after the session.

The wonder of sound therapy is that the effects last, and every session builds upon the previous one. Furthermore, depending on the person and number of sessions, sound is a powerful tool in treating any disease.

According to Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D., director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine Center in New York and author of The Healing Power of Sound: “Sound can play a role in virtually any medical disorder, since it redresses imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning. … Moreover, it’s my belief that sound works on the physical level because it so deeply touches us and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes.”

Sound therapy has a spectrum of uses, including back pain, migraines, hyperactivity (ADHD), conception aid, injury recovery, pain management, and aid for cancer prevention and recovery.

That’s why I call it a “pathway to wealth.”

Sound therapy is not only a “pathway to well-being,” but something much greater. It attunes us on all levels of our being. People who have experienced it perceive the changes that occur in their physical body and physical health. But there is so much more to it: thoughts, emotions and inner growth. Personally, I find the difference between health and wealth is just one letter. It is impossible to achieve one without the other.

Sylwia Kulczak is the author of Wealth of Life personal coaching program, implementing sound therapy. Kulczak—a singer, intuitive reader, Reiki and Breath Integration practitioner and teacher—earned sound healing and Tibetan Singing Bowls training in 2005 offered by well-known Richard Rudis (Sonam Dorje) in Chicago. Ever since, Kulczak has implemented sound therapy into her intuitive, healing and teaching work for her clients with great results.

In 2008, she created the “Wealth of Life” personal coaching program focused on improving health, relationships, career and finances integrated with sound therapy, intuitive activities, guided visualization and power of affirmation. The program is a unique and effective tool bringing more health and wealth into people’s lives. She is offering individual and group sound therapy sessions, intuitive readings, jazz concerts and ESL classes in the Belvidere and Rockford area. For more information or bookings, visit:, send an e-mail to or call (773) 744-7766.

from the July 22-28, 2009, issue

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