Cherry Bowl to pay fees for unemployed league bowlers

This week, I received my information from my local bowling center about the upcoming fall leagues and their “new and exciting programs.” One of the new programs is a direct reflection of the economic times we are living in.

The Cherry Bowl is one of the first bowling centers in the country offering to pay the bowling fees of their league bowlers if they are unemployed and bowled at Cherry Bowl last season. “The Cherry Bowl looks forward to helping league bowlers that find themselves in a tough spot,” the information read.

The same offer goes to those bowlers who start a league, then lose their job. “Heaven forbid, should you lose your job during the upcoming season we will pay your bowling fees,” the information said. They are prepared to pay the entire season, if necessary: “You have been loyal to The Cherry Bowl, and we are going to be loyal to YOU!”

According to the flier outlining the details of the new program: “Here’s how it works; we pay the bowling fees, you pay the prize money. … We understand how tough it is, and while you might have to cut back on some things, we don’t want you to be forced to give up your league bowling night. League bowling provides you with a social and a stress-relieving activity that you need, especially in these high-stress times. … We are proud to stand by our league bowlers.”

For more information about this program or information about joining a league this fall, call the Cherry Bowl at (815) 332-9595.

I have to hand it to the Cherry Bowl. That is a great offer, and a superior example of a company putting its money where its mouth is. Now, if I could only find someone to pick up my tab during beer frame, I’d be all set. See you on the lanes!

Doug Halberstadt can be reached via e-mail at

from the July 29-August 4, 2009, issue

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