Guest Column: Is beef good for you?

As the saying goes—it all depends.

According to the blood type/genetic blueprint principles, this is how it is:

Blood type O—Highly beneficial; A—Avoid completely; B—OK; AB—Avoid completely.

Blood type O—This is a premier food for you, the original hunter-gatherer. Your higher levels of stomach acid and meat digesting enzymes in your intestinal tract ensure complete digestion and nutrient utilization. Although you have the best ability to digest saturated animal fat, it is still wise to eat the leanest cuts you can find. Saturated animal fat does not contribute to your health, but in moderation, it does not clog up your system like it does to blood type A and ABs. Beef is beneficial to your blood type and will build and strengthen you. According to T.C.M. (Traditional Chinese Medicine), beef has a neutral energy and sweet taste. It is used as a spleen, stomach, energy and blood tonic. Beef’s high amino acid, l-tyrosine content has been proven to increase brain dopamine levels and lift depression.

Beef will increase your glucagon levels and reduce your insulin levels to keep your blood sugar on an even keel. Beef’s high-quality protein is a must food for blood type O’s if they want to stay strong and healthy. This advice goes for both men and women.

Blood type A—This is a big AVOID for you. Your low and sometimes very low stomach acid content and lack of other enzymes makes this food a metabolic mess for your digestive system. This incomplete digestion will set up a situation in which putrefactive bacteria (protein-eating bacteria) will increase dramatically in your colon, causing untold damage to your system.

It gets worse, though. Beef contains for you incompatible protein lectins (more on lectins later), which literally glue together your blood cells and can destroy cell membranes on any organ system they migrate to. You do not have the digestive enzymes to any extent to digest saturated animal fat. This fat for A’s will clog up your blood vessels. Although you may get some limited value from this protein source, the overwhelming damage will ruin your health and vitality.

Blood type B—Beef is generally OK for you. Your stomach acid levels and digestive enzymes can usually do the job of digestion, but for you there are better red meat sources like lamb, mutton or rabbit that are safer and better for type Bs. The beef protein lectins do not harm your blood or organ systems. Some Bs do not do well on beef, so for you, eat it in moderation.

Blood type AB—Avoid completely. On this food, your profile is the same as the A’s.

Randal Zickuhr, NHD, CNHC, FIFHI, MIFHI, is a natural health practitioner in Cherry Valley. He may be reached at (815) 580-1050 or

from the July 29-August 4, 2009, issue

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