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Danielle Hall
Danielle Hall

Vitals: Danielle Hall, 13, of Roscoe, will begin her freshman year when school resumes at Rockton Hononegah High School. Hall recently founded the Musicians and Juniors for International Concord (M.A.J.I.C.) not-for-profit organization, which will host a charity concert at the Sinnissippi Park Music Shell Aug. 22 to benefit the Invisible Children’s Fund. The Invisible Children’s Fund is designed to provide assistance to children and families affected by the war-torn region of Uganda, Africa.

1. If you could choose any elected official – local, state or national – to speak with one-on-one, who would it be, and what would you say? I would talk to President Barack Obama (D) to remind him that this economy not only affects the working, adult community, but my friends and I have all felt it, too. Not only in planning this benefit, but in our everyday lives as well. I would ask him not to forget the youth.

2. If you were to move away from the Rock River Valley, what three things would you miss the most? I think I would miss the attitude of the area most, where you can be walking down the street and smile at someone you pass, and receive a friendly look in return. Also, I would certainly miss the scenery. There aren’t many cities like Rockford, where you see such gorgeous trees all around, even in downtown and the heavily urban areas. And finally, THE FOOD. Beef-A-Roo, Sabrosa, Pug Dog Diner, nothing tops our restaurants!

3. What motivated you to organize a concert to benefit The Invisible Children’s Fund? Well, I first found out about this charity through a favorite band of mine that is very involved in this charity. I looked into the charity and watched a heartfelt, touching documentary that inspired me and my friend, Victoria Cox, to help in any way we could. Victoria came to me and a couple other friends one day and said, “I want to plan a benefit for Invisible Children…” And so it began.

4. What are the goals of M.A.J.I.C.? The goals of our organization are to get young adults and teens involved in promoting peace around the world through something all can relate to: music. We also want to raise awareness about what’s going on all around the world.

5. Question from last week’s “This Week in The Times” participant Alan Gibby: Why is it important to continue learning throughout life? Because I feel that you are never done learning, there is always something else that you should know, no matter what age you may be.

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from the Aug 12-18, 2009 issue

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