Guest Column: What reflexology therapy can do for you

By Karla Fernet

Healthy Balance Reflexology

Reflexology is an amazing therapy that balances the body and allows your body to start healing itself. When you receive a reflexology session, it will increase circulation, remove toxins from your body and release stress from your body. Then, your body is able to work more efficiently and start to heal of many different health issues.

I have been amazed at the many new testimonies we are seeing at Healthy Balance Reflexology. Several months ago, we treated a man who had two herniated discs. His doctor had already scheduled surgery. Someone encouraged him to try reflexology before his surgery.

The man reluctantly came for his first session of reflexology. He was surprised how much better he felt after that first session. His pain in his back was much better, and he returned a week later for a second session. After that second session, the man jumped out of the chair saying, “I can’t believe I have no pain at all.” He went to another doctor regarding the scheduled back surgery. The doctor told him he saw no reason for surgery, and that his back seemed to be healing. Several months later, the man is still doing great, and has not even had to continue reflexology.

We have several clients who have cancer and have been going through chemotherapy. In every case we have had, the results of reflexology have been amazing. Most have come to us with severe symptoms of nausea, fatigue, headaches, body aches, high blood pressure, low blood counts, digestive problems, numbness in fingers and more. In each case, these symptoms have been eliminated very quickly. In each case, they start to have much more energy and are able to start doing many things they were not able to do since they started the chemotherapy.

We would love to talk to you about the benefits of reflexology. You may also sign up for classes to learn reflexology. Our clinic is at 6053 Fincham Drive in Rockford (behind Kohl’s at Mulford and State). You will also learn more about reflexology by visiting our Web site, Or, call the clinic at (815) 519-4977.

Karla Fenert is owner of Healthy Balance Reflexology.

from the Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2009 issue

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