Guest Column: You’ll shoot your eye out

By David W. Pedersen

Gun control.

Those two words have caused stockpiling, paranoia and a ridiculous show of force from those unwilling to part with their “god-given right.”

It appears those opposed to any kind of gun control are those who have serious control issues. Never in my life, save my four years active in the military, have I ever felt the need to carry an assault rifle on my back during my daily grind. Those who feel the need to carry around a tool of death are those who feel they cannot control anything—including, apparently, going out and having a drink. Thank you, Arizona, for approving the bill to make gun toting in bars legal.

Are some of our members of this civilized nation nostalgic for the wild western days of old? I ask those who are quick to answer incorrectly: Would you bring your AR-15 to church?

It seems that the right has multiple personality syndrome. On one hand, they speak of the religious forgiveness and an eye for an eye and wear “What Would Jesus Do?” armbands. On the other hand, they carry an NRA propaganda pamphlet.

I am not a religious man, but I don’t believe Jesus Christ would have carried around an AK-47. If he did, the Bible would have most certainly played out like a Rambo screenplay.

I also question why those who are opposed to the right to carry or conceal are unwilling to pay a dime to help stop the route of criminal activity. Those who are opposed are the same who are averse to funding education and helping those in impoverished areas stop the cycle of violence.

Cutting after-school programs and relying on an “every man for himself” policy doesn’t work; we are all one nation, and we should all contribute, especially those who are profiting the most from it.

It is ironic that those who lost the last election would carry weapons outside of town hall meetings given by their president. Those who lack words to contest the beliefs of a newly-elected president rely simply on fear. It looks as though the only difference between them and terrorists is that they aren’t firing—yet.

In conclusion, I ask those opposed to leave their guns at home and let rest the fear, the hate and the greed. The new olive branch of peace should not be a hand grenade.

David W. Pedersen is a Rockford resident.

From the September 2-8, 2009 issue

One thought on “Guest Column: You’ll shoot your eye out

  • Sep 8, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    umm the bible does read like a Rambo screenplay. You obviously show your ignorance of the subject matter you want to reference to make your point. BTW, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. With your logic, we better have “automobile control” because they are responsible for more deaths than guns ever will.

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