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Questions on Richard Wanke case

As a friend of the family of Richard Wanke Jr., my puzzlement over his arrest, conviction, sentencing and incarceration continues to grow. He was found guilty of a burglary against all evidence of his innocence. The evidence against him was highly questionable. He was arrested while on bond because RPD

he killed his court-appointed attorney. He has now served less than one year of a 14-year sentence. Yet, he has already been moved to a minimum-security facility from a medium-security prison. The Register Star has led the area to believe he is guilty of shooting Attorney [Greg] Clark. (The Star blows off all letters I have sent them. The last article they published was to commemorate the first anniversary of Attorney Clark’s death.) Richard has never been charged with the shooting. Several people who are close to Richard suffer. Attorney Clark’s family and friends suffer. Richard sits in prison but is still able to correct me if I express a lack of faith in the system.

Jerry Paulson

Stillman Valley, Ill.

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Hidden hazards in health care reform bill

I won’t pretend I ever supported Obama. I don’t hold it against you if you did. But, for your own sake, you need to learn what’s in the health care

being shoved through the Congress. It cannot be stopped, unless enough Democrat legislators find their consciences stronger than their party loyalties.

There are links to the House version of the bill (H.R. 3200) on the Internet, one at, the morning talk guy on 1130 AM Milwaukee WISN Radio. Mainstream cable and network TV are not bothering to report on the bill. Surprisingly, AP News Service just revealed that the

bill will fund abortion services (very unhealthy for the baby). The administration has been denying this fact.

Here’s what’s in the bill: If you change jobs, you get dumped into the
public option

insurance, not the new employer’s plan (Pg. 16). Medicare and Medicaid are cut to support Obamacare. Medical care for illegal aliens is funded (Pg. 50, Section 152), and the bill gives the government REAL TIME ACCESS to your personal financial information (Pg. 59), and the ability to withdraw funds from your account (Pg. 59, lines 21-24). The Obama plan puts a committee in charge of the therapies you may receive, rather than your physician (Pg. 30, Section 123). Bottom line, seniors will suffer a rationing of care by this reform. This isn’t scare tactics. Read the bill.

Jane Ryan Carrell

Roscoe, Ill.

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Mega-dairy’s pollution contaminates waterways

Pollution changes everything. The mega-dairy of Jo Daviess County has now discharged six times to the creeks that feed Apple River. Can we afford to ignore that? Panno’s latest report confirms karst, with crevices below the site, below 43 acres of manure, channeling 40,000 gallons of waste each day into our wells and rivers ( Can we afford to ignore that? Panno is more than an expert. He is an unpaid
friend of the court.

He is a hydro geologist with national and international credentials. He is THE expert. Pollution changes everything; we can’t afford to ignore that.

Ken Turner

Warren, Ill.

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Ask Gov. Quinn to veto S.B. 1298—Internet gambling on horse racing

S.B. 1298 is a
Get Out of Jail Free

pass that rewards companies that have conducted illegal gambling in Illinois. This bill legalizes account deposit wagering and expands gambling to the Internet and in homes. Gamblers could lose their house while gambling at home from a computer or cell phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. S.B. 1298 legalizes bookmaking by allowing bets to be placed from any location via a telephone-type device or any other electronic means., the online wagering site for Churchill Downs and, where former Governor Jim Edgar is on the board of directors, are already collecting bets from gamblers, according to the Chicago Tribune. When the Arizona legislature passed a law making it a felony to accept or place a wager on a horse race anywhere in the state except a licensed track or off-track betting parlor, ceased to accept wagers from Arizona  residents. Illinois could enact a similar law to prevent illegal wagering instead of expanding gambling.

S.B. 1298 allows any fees from account deposit wagering being conducted illegally and held in escrow or otherwise withheld from wagers to be distributed, with no legal action taken.

Unless the governor vetoed this bill, it was to become law Aug. 26. Call Governor Quinn at (800) 642-3112 and tell him your thoughts about S.B. 1298.

Anita Bedell

Executive Director

Illinois Church Action on Alcohol & Addiction Problems


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NFL sets poor example hiring Michael Vick

The signing of Michael Vick by the Philadelphia Eagles was a sad day for the National Football League because it means they have sold out their integrity. NFL owners seem to think there aren’t enough players with good character to win, so they hire animal abusers. The message sent by the NFL is that it doesn’t matter what you do off the field as long as it doesn’t involve drugs, guns or harming other people.

Why should children look up to Donovan McNabb when they see people like Vick given a slap on the wrist and million-dollar contract?

I do believe that Vince Lombardi has rolled over in his grave, and I, for one, will not watch any of the Eagles games on TV.

Harold R. Wilson

Corydon, Ind.

From the September 2-8, 2009 issue

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