RAM Talks Art: Celebrating the big day at RAM

DSC_0684-WBy Carrie Breitbach

Customer Service Coordinator, Rockford Art Museum

Sorry, boys, this old goat’s off the market. Yep, that’s right, I got hitched. I know the dating market out there is sooo full of charming, young go-getters, but I decided it was time for me to hang up the single lifestyle and settle into the marriage sweatpants. Let me give you a little rundown of my blessed day…

My sweet dad, Steve, a tear running down his cheek, held me close, about to give his little girl away. As he looked at me in the eye, he softly said, “You’re finally off my meal ticket.” Then, he started laughing hysterically, and kicked me down the aisle. My groom, Aaron—the fear of God in his eye—started sweating profusely, trying to force a smile instead of throwing up as his life flashed before his eyes. Through my eyes (welling up with tears as well), I tried to decipher if his tears were those of joy or immense fear. I decided that since it was my wedding day, I could chalk it up to pure happiness. We shakily got through the ceremony, both of our chubby fingers making the ring exchange a little more tricky (it didn’t help that we both ate a pound of salt the night before, either) and we were finally pronounced man and wife. Ahh, relief. We both made it through this day without ducking out early or passing out in front of our loved ones. Relief.

Oh, but I kid. My dad hasn’t had me on his meal ticket for quite some time.

Anyhoo, the point of my banter is that I had the reception at Rockford Art Museum (RAM) the following night! I gotta tell you, even though I work here and I love it, it was the best place to have the reception. Having been only the second reception here since we started renting out the museum for events, it could not have been more seamless.

The event started at 7 p.m. with food, drinks and a DJ for our entertainment. We were rockin’ the place out. Brio, my choice caterer, set up beautiful food stations, with delicious appetizers opposed to a formal dinner. A bar was set up near the corner of the main gallery, with the dance floor right in the middle.

The great part about using the museum as a venue is the decor is already done for you. What could be better than original artwork adorning the walls for everyone to enjoy? I was especially lucky to have the wedding during the Moby Dick: Heart of the Sea exhibit. Our cake was positioned right in front of George Klauba’s piece, Moby Dick. It was so unique compared to the normal cake-cutting ritual, and it was also the perfect backdrop for my pictures. Not to mention that “Ice, Ice Baby” was the music we cut the cake to (as you can tell, this wasn’t your “traditional” wedding—and it was so much fun).

Now, I know there are many wonderful places in Rockford to have a party or wedding reception, but I think adding RAM to the list of locations is a cool, unique change of scenery. It’s new, it’s different, it’s awesome. You can choose to have your event in Funderburg and Kuller galleries on the main level of the museum, or Anderson Gallery on the lower level. All the galleries are great spaces; the main galleries encompass the featured exhibition, while the lower level houses exhibits of the museum’s permanent collection. Whatever choice you make, you will have a hip party here that is totally unique and new.

For more information regarding rentals, you can call or e-mail me at (815) 972-2882 or cbreitbach@rockfordartmuseum.org.

Contact Rockford Art Museum Customer Service Coordinator Carrie Breitbach at cbreitbach@rockfordartmuseum.org.

From the September 9-15, 2009 issue

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