Guest Column: What reflexology can do for diabetes, neuropathy

By Karla Fernet

Healthy Balance Reflexology

Most of us know someone who suffers from diabetes, or is at risk of becoming a diabetic. We see clients every week who fall into this category. Many are looking for a way to reduce their body pain. Oftentimes, they also have neuropathy (numbness and tingling) in their feet or hands. We also get clients looking for help with diabetic sores on their legs that won’t heal.

You may be wondering what reflexology can do for health issues related to diabetes. Reflexology works so well for diabetics because it increases circulation through the body, removes toxins from the body, and relieves stress from the body. An overall wellness starts to occur, and the body is able to heal itself of many things. We have seen diabetic sores that would previously not heal start to heal immediately after just one reflexology treatment. Reflexology can greatly reduce body pain, stiffness and neuropathy. We frequently see dramatic changes occur after one to five reflexology sessions.

Many diabetics notice other positive changes like sleeping better, normal blood pressure, increased energy, better moods and a desire to be more active. We cannot promise these results, but we are very excited about the high percentage of people who are experiencing these dramatic changes with reflexology.

Karla Fernet is a certified reflexologist and the owner of Healthy Balance Reflexology, 6053 Fincham Drive, Rockford (behind Kohl’s at Mulford and State). Certification classes in reflexology start Sept. 19 and Sept. 22. Visit or call (815) 519-4977.

From the September 16-22, 2009 issue.

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