Literary Hook: Poem offers a recipe for living

By Christine Swanberg

Author and Poet

Here’s a poem by Judy Janke, who was a summer member of the Tuesday Writers. Judy lives in Arizona and spends the summer in this area. She has been an active member of Womanspace, and has sung with the Womansong Chorale. This poem takes the form of a recipe for living. Savor!

A Little of This—A Lot of That

Gather and mix. Add and subtract.

A large portion of attraction. Two smiling faces.

A bowl of spicy feelings and spoons full of joy!

Mix slowly with love’s sweet honey.

Add a pinch of salty tears

With a large helping of compassion

And several dashes of forgiveness.

Blend gently until smooth.

Sift together for balance and form.

Add a dab of fun and a jot of silly.

Shape the mixture and take the temperature.

Pat gently into hearts warm. Then

Layer with sweet, gooey spirit.

Sprinkle generously with laughter.

Let rise for as long as it takes.

Bake it and re-make it

Time after time.

It’s easy and as hard as that.

Just keep using a little of this

And a lot of that.

Christine Swanberg is a local author and poet who has written several books of poetry.

From the September 16-22, 2009 issue

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