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Father suffers abuse from Family Court

I have been caught up in the atrocities that this lovely state calls Family Court and the total ignorance of two state agencies involved with child support and unemployment, the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, and the Office of Employment Security. All three of these institutes are totally and completely incompetent, and I have the documents and the personal suffering to back up all accusations. What I’m looking to accomplish is to find other fathers and/or mothers that have been violated by the

Lawyers need $200 an hour to be of so-called

I’m unemployed; that’s out of the question getting a lawyer. I have been before the judge several times, and he has come up with more excuses than Carter has pills to address my issues, and then the state agencies involved are pathetically incompetent. Numbers given out on state forms are disconnected and not in service. Do we need to have an act of Congress or God to have justice? Please help and get this story out there so that other caring and loving fathers and mothers out there don’t fall victim to the court system!!!

Feeling hopeless and victimized,

John S. Elliott

Beloit, Wis.

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Budget help needed

Chairman Christiansen needs our ideas to help him bring the budget into line, so let’s put  our heads together and show him how this county can work.

I have some ideas, and they are: we’ve eliminated the cold case cop that was working for the county; savings = 70k+; now we cut the board to 14 reps like the chairman said he wanted to do way back when he first ran for office; savings = many k’s as this would run forever; next, we eliminate the townships, another idea the chairman expressed when he first ran; savings = many, many, many k’s.

Moving right along, we eliminate the 10k down payment assistance program that is available to city-county employees only. Hey, this helps the city save, too; how about that!!! When we print all the pamphlets that are available only in the county building, how about if we just print in black and white? True, they look good, but I found stuff in the assessor’s office that dated back to ’07, and a visitor to the office might wonder why two-year-old news was still on display. Also, move the assessor’s office at State and Church and the Rockford Township office to the 4th floor of the PSB. It’s unused, and you save a ton of rent money!!!

When we have our info meetings, how about if we just have the meeting without the lunch that usually precedes or follows same. Ever notice how most entities have a meal connected with their announcements? I mean, even if they didn’t reach their goal, they still have a meal to announce that. Wouldn’t the monies spent on the meal have been put to better use by going back in the coffers that just came up short???

The chairman needs our help so that we can get a balanced budget in place. Get your ideas together, put them on paper, send them to TRRT and to the chairman. We can do this if we just put our heads together, and we don’t need a meal to prove we have done a good job. The proof will show in the results!!!!

Jake Henry


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‘Joe Legal Abusers’ also a problem

Oh, E. J. Usually I agree with most of what you have to opine about. But I think you were a bit off the mark (
Joe Legal vs. Jose Illegal,

Aug. 5-11). Your example was actually pretty good in that we do have to address the growing problem of illegals taking advantage of services and programs not offered to us

However, I think you forgot that many of the people who use and take advantage of food stamps, medical services and rent subsidy are, in fact, not illegals. They are from a class that should be defined as Joe Legal Abusers. Typically, low income who could work but often don’t and do get paid under the table. Utilize government-sponsored children’s lunches in school and also secure federal rent subsidies.

Your depiction of Joe Legal could define my husband, many of the Joes he works alongside every day and countless seniors, who at the twilight of their years, shouldn’t have to pay for the many of those who take advantage. I can vouch for some Josés; they aren’t ALL illegals. But because we as a society secretly whisper under our breath and make assumptions (it’s our nature unfortunately), I think sometimes we aren’t looking at the bigger picture. The one that shows us the abuse of the system is constantly in motion by people who could otherwise be Legal Joes.

Debby Bonzi


Editor’s note: The column referenced here was incorrectly attributed to E.J. Pagel. It was actually an e-mail circulating through the Internet, and the author is unknown. TRRT printed a correction in the Aug. 12-18, 2009, issue, and the column was removed from our Web site.

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Thanks, Doug—from a Green Bay Packers fan’s wife

I read The Rock River Times. I do not read the sports. Today, I did…and I ordereded two tickets to the Green Bay Packers
A Season to Remember.

I chuckled when I read your column…another Bears vs. Packers discussion…but had you not written it, I would have never known about the event! My husband turns 53 tomorrow, and I know he will love his gift. Along with the company of his son on Oct. 17th. Thanks so much… just had to share.

Kathy Dall’Osto


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Goodell sends wrong message about Michael Vick

When Commissioner Roger Goodell gave Danté Stallworth his one-year suspension for DUI manslaughter, he told him,
The NFL and players must live with the stain that you have placed on their reputations.

However, when he conditionally reinstated Michael Vick after completion of his sentence of a dogfighting conviction, he said,
I accept that you are sincere and will turn your life around.

On Sept. 3, he decided that Vick will be permanently reinstated after a two-game suspension.

What Stallworth did was a one-time tragic accident. What Vick did was deliberate and executed over many years. However, players, coaches, sportscasters and many fans are welcoming back Vick even though what he did was despicable. This indicates that many of them don’t care about animal abuse. Sure, he paid his debt to society, but that doesn’t mean he deserves a second chance in the NFL. The message that Goodell is sending with all these second chances is that the good players can do what they want, take a couple of games or a year suspension, be reinstated, and still earn millions of dollars.

I believe Vick has conned everybody with fake remorsefulness because what he did was sadistic, and sadists don’t change. Until he actually does something besides make a speech or video, like going to an animal shelter to help, my opinion won’t change. Meanwhile, it is a shame that some decent player lost his roster spot to a killer.

William Wilson

Jeffersonville, Ind.

From the September 16-22, 2009 issue

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