Guest Column:Cabello to stay in the race for 68th District Representative

By John Cabello

I am disappointed that Dave Winters has apparently made a decision to re-enter the race for state representative for the 68th District, and thus break his word with me and many others that he would not do such a thing. When I made my announcement in early August, I affirmed my commitment to work hard to keep the trust of the 200 people in attendance and the tens of thousands of citizens in the district.

Since my campaign kick-off, I have begun to put together one of the best campaign organizations this district has seen. I enlisted the support of many prominent individuals and hundreds of volunteers who are ready to take to the streets to get the message out. Mr. Winters’ decision has not affected my supporters; and, in fact, he has energized them. This campaign will move forward with more energy and determination than has already been displayed.

I don’t know who Mr. Winters is talking to, but the people I talk to in the 68th District are seeking change in government. I am a man of my word; and despite an effort on the part of Mr. Winters to get me to step aside, I am going to represent myself to my future constituents as one of those rare political figures who actually keeps his word. Politics and being a politician are not worth losing your reputation and your integrity over.

This election is not about me, or any individual, and it is not about a political career. The office of state representative is the possession of the people of the 68th District. It would be easy for me to fold my tent and go home. If I were interested in a political career, such a move might curry favor with the political class. I am motivated to do what is right and I am going to lock arms with the people and take back their seat.

For more information, contact John Cabello at 815-621-2196.

Editor’s note: Mr. Winters’ office has been notified of this column, but not its content, and invited to reply.

From the September 23-29, 2009 issue

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