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September 23, 2009

race_relations-W Like they say, enough is enough!

But the real definition of the story I’m about to say is simply enough! There have been five cases of fatalities involving Rockford police officers.

1. The first one was where a policeman was said to be speeding, ran into a vehicle, and two people had died. Then, our state police had gotten involved in the investigation, and the officer was said to be not guilty.

2. and 3. The next ones had also happened when two policemen had prior (separately) records of using excessive deadly force.

4. There is an ongoing investigation in which two witnesses had seen a man killed by a different patrolman. And it’s now being taken to court.

5. The very same two men in blue (with prior records) have lately been involved in the multiple shooting of Mark Anthony Barmore. But this time, it may not be different. The state police (again) will most likely find the officers, Oda Poole and Stan North, innocent for a second time.

But it’s also been said,
Birds of a feather flock together.

To the state and city police, Mayor Morrissey, and Rockford Police Chief Epperson, now is the time to say,
We are mad as hell, and we will not take it any more!

Shake your fists, raise your voices. Then, also pray that
the truth shall set you free.

No matter what the outcome is, we hope justice will prevail. Just maybe, then, these fatalities will never happen again. Then it will really be

Philip Wilson


From the September 23-29, 2009 issue


  1. Joseph

    October 5, 2009 at 4:11 am

    I find it funny how no one seems to take in to account that without these people who “flock together” no one will be kept safe.

    God forbid anyone black or white comes to your home in the middle of the night and the police refuse to show up.

    Don’t break the law and you have nothing to fear. Black or white. We have come too far as a nation to be sent back into the fear mongering days by this nonsense.

  2. Daniel Smyth

    October 15, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    I agree that we need more people who “flock together”.
    Without “we the people” flocking together, we certainly are in a dangerous position.
    Yes, the people who need to “flock” together are starting to gain momentum.
    If you don’t understand what I am talking about, Flag down a patrol car that speeds past you. Pull in front of him and have him stop. Get out of your car and proceed to meet him as he is on his radio, and tell him to put his hands on the hood! See if that policeman does not pull his gun on you and tell you to do the same! Yeah, the Glory boys need to be reminded that they are just like me and you but they have a gun and they can kill you without regard for the lives of people around you.

    People are not “kept” safe if they are free. Free men are made safe! There is a large difference!
    Hitler “kept” the people “safe”. Those who were not free, or who were not looked upon as being people, were treated as non humans and executed when they were a bother to the greater cause of the military at any given time.

    God would not forbid anyone black or white coming to my house, neither would I!

    You see, I live in a neighborhood where you would feel so afraid. I live with people who are afraid! I live with people who pray each night that the bullets that fly through the neighborhood don’t kill their children! I live in a neighborhood where I am greeted by neighbors by my first name, even if I don’t remember who all of them are. I live in a neighborhood where the police are called and they might get to you tomorrow, as the 911 operator grills the caller about whom she is and how she knows there were gunshots! You know one 911 operator had the balls to tell me to stay inside when I called about people shooting guns by my front door. When I hung up on the 911 caller, the idiot called me back! I have 3 phones in the house, and each of them rang to tell the thugs outside that someone in the house was awake! I wanted that 911 operator dead! Yeah! Had I or my family been harmed because he called me back, I would have just about served my jail time! It was me that had to go outside and ask the big boys larger than me how everything was going! I had to let them know that my children and sick wife in the house are up now thanks to the gunshots. I had my .44Mag behind my back and my 10 gauge double barrel shotgun on my shoulder. The answer back to me was “Sorry mister”, and they walked down toward the park. I am a very polite individual. I waited outside for 4 hours and went to bed. I never did get an officer to come out to me. I haven’t called 911 since!

    Don’t break the law. Yep, when the Jews were told to register their guns some did. They all died first. Some Jews told the Nazi government that other people had guns and most of them died. If the government was told that you had a gun and you provided one when the Nazis came to your door, you were killed as a lesson. If they came to your door and you said you did not have a gun, they killed you for not telling the truth, but only after raping and pillaging your family and home! Just because there is a law doesn’t make it right to follow! When George Washington organized against the British, there was a lot of law breaking. It was against the law for civilians to have guns then too! Then, if the government wanted more tax money they took it! They came to your home and took it!
    If you didn’t have enough money they took your house and other property!
    I wonder what laws Joseph is referring to? If I was an ex-con, and some cop who has killed before comes at me, I am going to run! Yes I will! No one knows what was said to Barmore in his flight by the killer police. What would you say to a dirty rat no-good creep you despised? What ever you said it would be derogatory and made to sound like the officers were REALLY coming after you now that you are running!
    Yeah, Dead men don’t talk much. This is a motivator for cops to kill!

    To the state and city police, Mayor Morrissey, and Rockford Police Chief Epperson, now is the time to say, not that we are mad as hell, and we will not take it any more, but that we are watching!
    We The People are watching how the police deal with their own. There will come a time when an officer will kill again, or brutalize a civilian, and we will be there. There is a lot to watch and take in.

    It’s not “shake your fist and pray” time, its get your things in order time. The truth shall set you free, but be careful what you ask for in those prayers. Barmore is free. He is with his maker and you don’t get freer than that!

    Hope is not necessary for justice to prevail.

    Not trying to be racist at all, I like to think about what happened in the days of Martin Luther King. What did the first trouble maker thing he or she was doing when they first bucked the system? What on Earth made these not-so-long-ago slaves figure they deserved to eat at the table in front by the window? What a messed up bunch of characters they must have been! Someone should have taught them a lesson!

    They did! Look at the general police agencies, and how they view the general population. I was in the Marines. I was led to feel a whole lot different about civilians when I was doing my duty for our country. I understand a bit how the police feel about us.
    We are the slaves of the government need! We do only what we are told or we die and have to go away.

    I don’t remember ever feeling I was better or deserving as a black person. It is still strange to me how someone could do all the things that were done and get away with it for so long.

    Generally, the police are like the slave owners and the machine that keeps the slaves where they belong and in their place! They will eat right next to you, and they will smile and talk to you to make you feel a bit more easy about them. When they don’t like what you do, it’s up to them! If you die, you grabbed his gun. If you get beat up real bad, you slipped on the soap in the police showers. We never know until a story is figured out in the law library of the police department as the officer is on full paid vacation.

    We have a job to do!
    We, The People, educate ourselves and our fellow people.
    How many people had to die before a black man, woman, or child could sit anywhere on a bus and did not need to give it to a white person when he got on? Rosa Parks is famous for the struggle, but I know there were people that died doing what seems today to be no problem at all.

    How many people got taken out of the MLK rallies and were killed? How many black families went to the marches and found their homes were burnt?

    I forget where it was, but there was a favorite situation that Martin Luther King was in that made me want to know who he was. Someone before a large march asked MLK if we was worried about going to jail, or having his marchers going to jail. He said something like they can’t put us all in there!

    That’s how I see the movement to free our people from the corruption of the government at hand. While we will keep our guns and ammo until they are called for, we need to follow a non-violent mending program. People will go to jail. As long as you don’t pay the bail, they will only get so many of us. Being respectful is necessary, but being factual and direct is vital!

    Unlike the sign waving and the shouting with horns and voices, we need to be appropriately dressed and organized.

    What would happen if 400 Rockford people just started marching on State Street from the Clock Tower to Meridian Road and back again? What if they marched right down the center of the street stopping all traffic? What if they marched with an American flag held high, and not a word spoken?

    If that happened people would ask questions. We need more questions. In so many marches for most anything what is there? You have an angry mob shouting in your face, chanting slogans that only the people in the choir can understand.

    When you are silent, you are very loud! Silence will invite people to come and help.
    What would you do if you looked outside of your house and saw a street full of people all walking in the street orderly and quiet? You would think someone died, and you would be right! Many have died in the fight for law and order.

    Why march? Because we can! We don’t need a permit and we don’t need to inform the media or our aldermen. All we need to do is walk together in peace and silence.
    Silence so that all may hear the injustice. Together in peace for the common good.

    If we have enough marchers, our silence will be heard nation wide.

    Peace and silence. No press releases, no famous speakers, no giant organization that will bus in way more than 400 marchers and push their agenda. 400 people is enough to close down enough traffic in one day to have people beg to watch the news to see what the big deal was. If we do it right, those 400 marchers will be 1000 marchers by the end!

    This is a long way to walk. It’s a long way to be with someone you never met before. Walking with 400 marchers means you will be talking with many and they will be talking with you.

    Daniel Robert Smyth – West Rockford

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