race_relations-W Like they say, enough is enough!

But the real definition of the story I’m about to say is simply enough! There have been five cases of fatalities involving Rockford police officers.

1. The first one was where a policeman was said to be speeding, ran into a vehicle, and two people had died. Then, our state police had gotten involved in the investigation, and the officer was said to be not guilty.

2. and 3. The next ones had also happened when two policemen had prior (separately) records of using excessive deadly force.

4. There is an ongoing investigation in which two witnesses had seen a man killed by a different patrolman. And it’s now being taken to court.

5. The very same two men in blue (with prior records) have lately been involved in the multiple shooting of Mark Anthony Barmore. But this time, it may not be different. The state police (again) will most likely find the officers, Oda Poole and Stan North, innocent for a second time.

But it’s also been said,
Birds of a feather flock together.

To the state and city police, Mayor Morrissey, and Rockford Police Chief Epperson, now is the time to say,
We are mad as hell, and we will not take it any more!

Shake your fists, raise your voices. Then, also pray that
the truth shall set you free.

No matter what the outcome is, we hope justice will prevail. Just maybe, then, these fatalities will never happen again. Then it will really be

Philip Wilson


From the September 23-29, 2009 issue

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