A taxing situation

Prepare to pay more taxes

was the headline Aug. 13 in the Register Star.

However, the article did not mention how this is to be done by residents such as: senior citizens on a fixed income facing age-related health issues and other increasing expenses who also have even lower incomes due to very low interest rates; our neighbors whose jobs have been eliminated; local residents who have had their hours cut back just to maintain company survival; people who have been laid off with their lower unemployment benefits to eventually be eliminated; two-income families now on only one income struggling to just get by; those in a dislocated workers program doing all they can to retrain and upgrade their skills; our friends working as temps with no benefits because it the only job they can find; those who have now used up their savings and have nothing left for an emergency; etc.

This is the time to decrease spending and cut back on property taxes. How about a multiplier under 1.000 to reduce the tax burden!

I would talk to my closest neighbor for suggestions, but the building next door has now been vacant for more than two years.

Paul Leisure


From the September 30 – October 6, 2009 issue.

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