Review the wind turbine proposal

Dear zoning, planning and officials and county leadership,

I am writing to express my desire to carefully review the wind turbine proposal for Winnebago County. As a resident, I want to see several things in our decision process. I would like to assure that we are taking into account that human development and environmental sustainability are both considered. A connected plan will best serve the long-term interests in our county.

Let us use the direction of experts such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the available research. This department’s publication has some bearing on our situation…Interim Guidelines to Avoid and Minimize Wildlife Impacts From Wind Turbines. I also do not believe in denying human development that is environmentally sensitive and is economically feasible/sustainable in the long term. Farmers, landowners and business interests have a right to prosper. However, let us make sure the turbine structures are well done and will truly produce a benefit. The last thing our county needs is a bridge to no-where or short-term projects that do not provide the desired results and become a liability. Please, research the Navitas Company to make sure it operates with high standards, has a proven record in business practice and is profitable. Lastly, I am proud we share our skies with migratory birds such as sandhill cranes. Let us stay in a cooperative relationship with organizations such as Operation Migration and work for consensus on wind farming and bird migration project routes. It takes effort, but cutting-edge communities/ counties will work out the tough questions and come up with a superb plan.

We are counting on you all to do us proud. Let me encourage you in the job that lies ahead, and I send my best wishes in your accomplishment of the tasks at hand.


Katie Townsend


From the October 7-13, 2009 issue

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