Guest Column: A new third party—Get Out Of Our House!

By Jane Ryan Carrell

Columnist Victor Davis Hanson believes Barack Obama is under the delusion he is a university president. Hanson’s piece is four pages long, and appeared Sept. 23 on National Review Online ( Here’s a sample of his prose:
For many in the academic community, … Middle America is an exotic place inhabited by aborigines who bowl, don’t eat arugula, and need to be reminded to inflate their tires… It is the role of the university, from a proper distance, to help them by making sophisticated, selfless decisions on health care and the environment that the unwashed cannot grasp are really in their own interest.

So, what are we to do in the face of this insufferable, pompous attitude, which the Congress shares with the president? The nation is bankrupt. The national debt will double by 2012 and triple by 2019 under this administration’s plans.

A brief lesson in civics here. Who passes bills? The Congress. Which house of Congress passes the spending bills? The House. Which house of Congress must run for re-election every two years? The House.

Well, there you have it! Problem solved! Just RECYCLE THE HOUSE! But there’s the sticky problem of the two-party system. Third parties fail because they can’t raise enough funds, and the third party is always an offshoot of an existing party—Nader’s party drew from Democrats/liberals, and Perot’s party drew from Republicans/conservatives. Major parties insist on offering the incumbent time and again, because he’s got name recognition. We may have liked the guy well enough the first few years, but now would dearly love to be rid of him. (I don’t feel that way about Don Manzullo, Ill.-16th, BTW).

But wait! There is hope!  A new party has arisen, and it is not your typical
third party.

The party of GOOOH (pronounced GO)—Get Out Of Our House (of Representatives). GOOOH empowers voters to choose their own candidate for the Congress. Chosen at four weekend meetings in April 2010, the GOOOH candidate will undergo scrutiny by his neighbors in the district, will indicate his positions on 100 separate issues, and will pledge to quit the Congress after two terms. GOOOH candidates will not need to fund-raise and can benefit from a national media campaign. Issues will differ from district to district, but GOOOH is a party without a platform. The people of a district can place on the November ballot whomever they feel will best represent them. How well have the professional politicians done?

Tim Cox, GOOOH founder, will be in St. Charles Oct. 15 at the historic Arcada Theatre, one of eight remaining vaudeville theaters in the U.S., and at Key Lime Cover Water Park in Gurnee Oct. 13. Please e-mail for more information. Let’s work for REAL CHANGE across America in November 2010.

Jane Ryan Carrell grew up in the Chicago area but has lived in greater Rockford since college. Her children are grown, and she writes frequent opinion pieces in the stateline area.

From the October 7-13, 2009 issue

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