Wind farm not appropriate for Winnebago County

October 7, 2009

Note: Winnebago County Board votes on the wind farm issue this week!

Research indicates the best site for a wind turbine to be
a windy spot in the middle of nowhere.

Winnebago County is in no such location, nor is the name of my hometown Middle-of-Nowhere, Illinois!

If an ordinance is to be written, and I acknowledge that this is necessary, let that ordinance be an innovative and original document. As is now presented, this ordinance is a cookie-cutter document provided by Navitas for the specific purpose of advancing that company’s goals.

Let our county be a creative leader in wind farm experimentation, NOT the subject of a Navitas experiment in profit margins.

Board members, make no assumptions about the outcome of this important vote, and do not presume to say how you will vote until you have heard and seen the results of these structures. Can every individual board member affirm that they have seen the Stephenson County night horizon alight with the red lights blinking in unison? If not, your right to cast a vote on this issue is in serious doubt.

Be courageous in voting so as to exemplify the ideals of Illinois’ beloved Abraham Lincoln:
Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it

(my emphasis). Note that it is not

(or dollars!) which makes

but the opposite. The duty required here is for board members to vote AGAINST this particular wind farm ordinance.

Allowing this current proposal will squelch rather than encourage productive wind energy options. Look beyond the immediate revenue assumptions and craft an ordinance of which Winnebago County may be proud, an ordinance based on the very best ways to bring this new technology to our region.

To assert that as board members, you have not received much input, does not lessen the task before you, that decision which should seek to do the greatest good for the benefit of all county residents.

Again, to borrow from Mr. Lincoln:
With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed.

At this time, a vote AGAINST this ordinance is what is needed.

Nancy J. McCoy

Seward, Ill.

From the October 7-13, 2009 issue

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  1. Dan Smyth

    October 7, 2009 at 11:30 am

    The County should have no problem with wind farms. They do not create a hazard. Wind mills, using wind to grind grain and to dig and churn out water have been in the county’s history. There is no reason to make a distinction between the wind farm, that may have many wind operated devices, and a farm that uses such a device to aid in labors or as a decoration.

    As long as the property owner has the proper funds in the bank or is covered by an insurance company to pay for possible accidents with these wind generators, there should be no problem.

    Should the TV stations be forced to remove their antennae because I can see them blinking at all hours of the night? The TV stations were all built on farm land, where the desired use was for raising grain and livestock.

    I support the use of machines to use wind for electricity and well drilling and oil pumping and anything else they may be able to do, as it saves labor and is on the private property of another individual. My rights end where your rights begin. If you want a land farm on your land and I don’t like it, tough beans! It is not my place to tell you what you can do with your land if it does not directly harm my land or those who live on it.

    Likewise, it is not appropriate for the County to act against those who wish to have a land farm on their private property. They may have to buy a permit for business if they are in the business of selling what they harvest, but the wind mills by themselves should not be an issue at all. If they buy a permit, they put money in the county’s pockets! YAY!
    If they no longer need to pay Con-Ed for electric service they will have more money to spend in our community. YAY!

    I support Property rights! I also support the elimination of property taxes!
    It’s bad enough to force us to pay taxes on our lands each year on a value that is fixed by the tax makers. It’s even more sinister to have those tax makers decide how you can use your property that you own!

    Bring it to a vote! I will be there as well as every other citizen who has been robbed by this county by unjust taxes and unfair usage restrictions.

    Cut the taxes and send everyone home after 20 hours work each week.
    Eliminate the staff that is redundant, and let the people use their lands as a free people should be able to. Set the property tax up as a one time tax, like the tax you have when you buy a hair dryer. You buy the hair dryer and pay your 6% tax. For the next 20 years or so you still use the hair dryer and pay only for the energy required to make it function. When you need a new part for the hair dryer you pay tax on the part or sell the hair dryer you no longer want, and buy a new one. For that hair dryer you only pay one tax too!
    Why is it that we have to pay real estate taxes each year? It’s because that’s how it’s been for a long time, and that’s not good enough for me!

    So, let the wind mills be built on public property, and end the real estate tax!
    (Imagine having to ASK for money to operate!) ( Imagine being able to buy a home, pay for it, and live on it free of government money raids!)(Imagine property rights and ownership!)

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