IceHogs deserve more coverage

Just a thought. I was reading your article about keeping newspapers alive, and it triggered my thinking that the folks at rrstar seem to shortchange our IceHogs. These guys are the real deal; think about it, a truly professional franchise right here in river city. The Star gives them minimal space way in the back; it’s rare that they give ‘em 6 inches of lineage. I’m sure if your paper made them as large in life as they should be in a town this size, it would help promote sports in this town. Come on, why not give ’em a big logo on your paper; they are just down the street from you. Go in depth, get the good stuff on the players, fans, games, play them up; you could have a real edge on the rrstar guys, who don’t seem to really care. They think we all should just concentrate on the Chicago teams. We have some real winners in town.

Ken Pennington

Loves Park

From the October 21-27, 2009 issue

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