This week in The Times: Nick Smith

Nick Smith
Nick Smith

Vitals: Nick Smith, 34, is a native of Loves Park and graduated from Harlem High School. Smith is a member of the Loves Park Fire Department.

1. If you could choose any elected official – local, state or national – to speak with one-on-one, who would it be, and what would you say? If I could speak with any elected official, it would be President Barack Obama (D), and I’d ask him if he is such a White Sox fan, why he didn’t go to any more Sox games this year?

2. If you were to move away from the Rock River Valley, what three things would you miss the most? If i were to move away, I would miss the community, the Loves Park Fire Department and my family.

3. How would a reduction in the number of firefighters affect the services they provide and the safety of the community? I think the reduction in firefighters affects response time and also the ability of the firefighters to do their jobs effectively.

4. What will the Loves Park Fire Department do with the proceeds from their annual Pancake Breakfast? The Loves Park Fireman’s Association collects the money, and it will be used for purposes such as buying training materials for the firefighters on the department, or donating money to sponsor Little League baseball teams, or even to places like Walter Lawson’s Children’s Home. We usually decide what to do with that type of money after the event. However we use the money has to be approved by the association body.

5. Question from last week’s “This week in The Times” participant Genevieve Borich: What is your favorite part of the upcoming winter months? I would say that seeing the fresh snow on the ground on Christmas morning would be my favorite part. After that, the snow and cold can go away!

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From the October 21-27, 2009 issue

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